Finished DBT!

So today is the day! I finally have finished DBT! It was a great last session and I got a certificate! 


I was excited to leave DBT, now I feel a bit anxious about it. But I know I don’t want my life to revolve around mental health. Although I know I do have to work a little harder at mental well being, by taking my meds, eating and sleeping well e.t.c I am going to strive to live my life how I want it to be and not as the labels I have been given! I have decided though that say if I do start to struggle with my moods or whatever I will start doing my diary cards, just to check where I’m at and that I still continue to do my skills because they are invaluable to me. But I have a great support in my gf so I know things will go well despite whatever ups and downs we will inevitably occur. 

Peace out

Tank girl x