Busy, busy, busy <3 x

 I realized after my dad died that life is so short and so precious and could be cut off at any time so why waste a second of it! Yes its still incredibly hard and I hurt, but the time you waste being sad is time you don’t ever get back, so why not use your emotions to motivate rather then a stumbling block. 

This mornings Thai boxing session was awesome! I was the only one that turned up, so I am hoping to convince some friends to come next Saturday.

After that session, I went home, showered and got dressed and headed straight back out, as I was meeting my mom and her friends. Finally got to the all you can eat chinese place and got shown to mom’s table. Man is was huge in there and so busy and loads and loads of food! I didn’t know what to eat 1st! I actually had a great time chatting to mom and her work mates and she liked the present I got her for her 50th 🙂 D helped me pick it out, I did text her to say thank you. 

I got home around 5pm and took Roxy straight out for a wee, then come home and collapsed on the sofa! in front of the t.v and my laptop. Totally shattered. But feeling good. It got to about half 8pm and my mate popped up on fb chat and invited Roxy and I to the pub 🙂 we had a few drinks and played pool… Might I add I just had coke lol. Had a great few hours out with them, had a good giggle at my shocking pool abilities! 

It’s now just after midnight and I am just about keeping my eyes open lol. So I think it’s bed time for me and my foxy girl. Meeting my brother in the morning to take Roxy for a walk! Man I’m so busy! Tuesday will be a relaxing day for foxy and I! I may have to do a little bit of cleaning though lol!

Peace out

Tank girl x