Super Sunday :)

Despite being in so much pain yesterday, I did manage to sleep well. After I got comfortable that is. Being in pain is so draining it wears me out. 

I woke up just before 9 am. I was up before the pups, that makes a change. Just chilled out on the sofa for a bit, had a shower and got dressed. I had cheese on toast for breakfast. I sorted out my stuff and made my way to go and see Z.

Urgh the bus there was packed and it was SO hot and horrible 😦 Hate when the bus is like that. I got off at the right stop! Woohoo lol, I roughly knew where I was heading too. Z came and met me and we walked to hers. 

We chilled out for a little bit, which was nice. We went out to take the pups to the local park 🙂 It was really nice there, Z picked blackberries as we were walking along. I let scrappy off the lead a few times when it was quiet, he loved it and never went too far from me of foxy. It was such a lovely little walk. I got some lovely pictures of the pups together. 

After our walk, we just chilled out at Z’s, I stripped off my jeans when we got in because I was hot lol. Z went for a short nap, while I chilled out with the pups on the sofa watching tv. Z made herself something to eat, we watched a film that was on tv. I led down on a acupuncture mat and OW that hurt lol. But it was ok after the first initial ouch lol. 

Just before 6 pm, I got myself ready and the pups ready to go catch the bus back. I didn’t want to get home too late. 

Thankfully the bus wasn’t busy or hot on the way home! YAY! Scrappy was so tired on the way back, he just fell asleep all the way home. 

Got back, I made myself cheese on toast for dinner, that satisfied my tummy 🙂 

I’ve just been chilling out this evening. I am SO tired! But YAY! For a better pain day. It’s such a relief when I don’t feel pain…well as much pain as I have been. It’s nearly 9 pm, so I think after writing this, I am going to take the pups out for a wee, have a shower and get myself too bed. I am taking the pups to see my friend J tomorrow and to meet her pup Chief. Z is coming to stay over again tomorrow 🙂

Mentally and physically I am feeling much better today.

Peace out

Tank girl

Pain pain go away……

3 days since I last posted?? Wow! no wonder my brain feels full! I’ve either been busy or in too much pain to write. 

It may take me a while to write tonight as I am in lots of pain. I am hoping my pain killers kick in very soon! 

Thursday – I was up before my alarm…again…I cleaned up, got a shower, got dressed and took the pups for a wee. Chilled out for a bit. I then got the bus to a cafe called Flirt, which is where the mindout group was meeting this week. I was the 1st there. It was a good meeting. M the group leader showed me where they usually meet, so I know where to go next week. Z wasn’t able to make the group as she had an interview with a charity shop. But we met up after and got the bus to mine. We went in a few shops in town. When we got back to mine we took the pups out for a wee. After that we both chilled out for a bit watching TV and then I put the dinner on. I made us a nice roast dinner, we had turkey, roast potatoes and veg. I made cheese sauce from scratch to go with it and it was so nice if I do say so myself. We also had onion gravy. It was really nice and the plates were empty! Job done! We watched a bit of TV. Then at 9 pm we went out with the pups. I took Z and the pups on our usual walk. It was really lovely, we stopped to watch the fireworks, which was amazing. Where we were sat we could see where they where shooting from! Perfect view and a perfect night. After the fireworks, we walked home. Both the dogs had gone to the toilet on the way back, so I put them straight into the bedroom, then Z and I got ready for bed. We chatted for a bit, watching a bit of TV, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep. Apparently I snore a bit, I cough and she said it sounded like I was going to speak…all in my sleep! Lol. But she did say I hardly move when I sleep.

Friday – I was up at just gone 7 am…URGH! Way too early. I had breakfast, had a shower, got dressed, took the pups out for a wee. Then I just sat to wake up a bit. Z got up and we sat chatting and watching tv. We left and got the bus at 9:30 am, I got off the bus before her. I needed to get another bus to the hospital. Urgh, I felt so tired its unreal. It felt like forever, waiting to see my doctor. But it was worth it, I am finally getting somewhere with regards to changing my medication. He is going to ask the powers that be to put me on Rituximab infusions. I suppose this will be quite an expense on the NHS which is why he has to ask about it. I’m nervous about being changed to infusions as the side effects could be bad. It is a drug that is used in treatment of cancer patients. So I am nervous, but I hope it will be more effective. He also looked at my last scan of my sinuses and he said not only do I have thickening of the lining on the inside of my nose, but that also it is eroding the bone away..So he wants me to have another scan done. He is also booking me in for a bone density scan. I had a load of blood taken too. He wants to see me in 2months and then hopefully I’ll get a answer about starting my new meds. So FINGERS CROSSED! I got two buses to get home. I was finally home at 2 pm…I had some lunch, said hello to my babies and went to bed! I was SO drained. I fell asleep at about 2:30pm until 8 pm! I think I needed it. I felt really rough when I woke up. So achy and felt a bit sick as I hadn’t eaten much. I tried to eat some toast, but I just couldn’t eat it. I took the pups for a wee and got in, took my meds and went to bed. It didn’t take me long to get to sleep! I was still exhausted. 

And we are at today. It’s taken me hours to write this. I can’t get comfortable. Today has been pretty boring. It took me AGES to get started. I was up early….I tired to get back to sleep, but my body was like NO you will be awake! Urgh. I felt rubbish and I was in so much pain..again.. 😥 I eventually got up, cleaned up a bit. I made dinner in the slow cooker and I made some flapjacks. Had a shower, got dressed and took my pups for a wee. I didn’t go far. Just been chilling watching Law and Order SVU on season 3 now. I rang my nan and grandad and spoke to my grandad and told him what the hospital said yesterday. It was nice to chat. Dinner was ready, so I tired to eat…but I didn’t really want it. Although I was hungry. I ate a little bit. My mum and her BF popped over for a bit. Me and mum took the pups over the road for a little walk. They left just before the xfactor started. I wasn’t impressed with it..I only ever watch the auditions. I’ve watched more Law and Order SVU.

Mentally I have been feeling ok. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with Z. I am taking the pups to see her tomorrow. So I am looking forward to that. 

Physically I have been in so much pain! Mainly with my upper back. It feels like my ribs. If it carries on I’m going to see my GP, it feels like it needs to crack. 

It’s just gone 11 pm here. Going to take the pups out soon, then I’ll be off to bed. 

Peace out

Tank girl

Sin City 2

Am back! I got home just after 10 pm, its now just gone 11 pm and I’m not really tired, I need to wind down before I attempt to sleep. 

I thought I would up date about how my evening went. 

So I had my dinner before I went out, but didn’t eat much, I’ve not been really hungry today. I took the pups out for a wee before I left. Scrappy was so good, he loves going out 🙂

Dropped the pups home and chilled out for a bit, I was running a bit early.

I left to catch the bus, headphones in, music turned up! Was in my own little world. I love riding the bus with my music in, I just a great escape. 

I got to the cinema a little early and so did my step dad (who is also my dad’s brother) So we went to the pub for a drink before the film started. It was nice to chat. I’ve not really seen him for along time. He was talking to me about his health. Mum had told me a bit, but not really the whole story. But the actual story is, that he does have lung cancer, they found a shadow on his lung, he has lots of symptoms of it, from coughing to clubbed fingers and toes. He’s had LOTS of tests, x-rays, blood tests etc. Tomorrow he is having a C.T scan, where they will inject him with dye, so they can see exactly what’s going on, how advanced it is etc. So we spoke about it and what he’s been going through with it. He said he doesn’t know how I deal with all the blood tests and other tests, he hates it. Bless him, its not a nice thing to go through. He’s said that he doesn’t want to go through chemo if it comes to it. He said he’d rather get pissed lol! and make the most of the time he had left, rather then have chemo and have to endure all the horrible side effects, which is totally understandable and I am totally with him on that. Our chat wasn’t all doom and gloom, it wasn’t what you might think a conversation like that would go, we were able to have a laugh and be serious too. I think he was grateful to speak to someone who knows what its like to go through all the medical stuff. 

Anyway after our drink we went to the cinema. We saw Sin City 2 and oh man it was SO good! Absolutely loved it! Shame the 3D one showed so late, but I know L wants to see it, so maybe we can see it in 3D. 

After the film, we went to the pub again for an hour and just sat and chatted. It was really nice to spend time with him. I said we should meet up more often. I said he’s always welcome to come over and if he comes over at the weekend, he can get a bus as they run all night, so he doesn’t have to worry about parking or having a drink. There’s no free parking near me. 

I got the bus home, headphones in, music on! I was feeling pretty good 🙂 Text me step dad when I got in, said I had a really good time, that I missed him and he’s welcome to come over this weekend if he’s free. He’s going to let me know about the weekend and he said it was nice to hear that I missed him 🙂 I am deffo going to make more effort with him. I have missed him, it was like the good old days when we used to go to the cinema together, it was usually because mum and my bro had annoyed one of us lol, we used to escape together. 

I’ve just been winding down, I can’t go straight to bed after I’ve been out. Plus I got a lot to process, which is another reason I have written again. 

It’s midnight now and its raining, gotta take the pups for a wee. I really need to get up fairly early so I can clean up before I go out and bring Z back with me. 

Well that’s it for tonight. 

Peace out

Tank girl

Vets, pups and a film :)

I’m up writing earlier today, as I am going out tonight and I’ll probably be too tired to write.

I slept well last night, I was in bed just after 10 pm. I am loving taking the dogs out before bed, means I don’t have to wait for scrappy to pee on the balcony. I can just take them out and put them straight in the bedroom. He’s caught on going to the toilet outside really quickly and I’ve had no pee or poop in the house and only a few times on the balcony.

My alarm scared the shit out of me this morning lol! forgotten I had set it. I pretty much flew out of bed! Did the normal morning things..showered, dressed and ate, oh and put on a load of laundry. 

Left the flat with plenty of time as I get stopped a lot with the pups lol. 

We got to the vets early, so we sat about for a bit. Both of them got weighed. Scrappy is 2.9kg! up from 2.4kg just 2 weeks ago lol and fox is still a tiny 3kg. She put scrappy’s flea stuff on him for me and gave them both a worming paste…Scrappy has to have more of it tomorrow and Fri. They didn’t have the pill available, just this paste, but they seemed to like it.

We got the bus back and URGH HATE walking through the busy street, can’t wait till the kids are back at school so its quieter lol. The pups were tired when we got in. I went and got a bit of food shopping, came back put the shopping away, had lunch and watched Doctor Who 🙂 

I’ve just been chilling this afternoon. I will soon need to have dinner and take the dogs for a wee, then make my way to meet my step dad. We are going to see Sin City 2, I cannot WAIT 😀 

Tomorrow I am going to my new group again, I am taking Z with me, then Z is coming home with me for dinner 🙂

Mentally I am feeling pretty good today and physically not too bad either.

Right I am off to sort myself out!

Peace out

Tank girl

Bank hols catch up

I’ve not been about much because I’ve been busy and too tired in the evening to write. 

Saturday – I went to the park for Jack Jacks 5th Birthday party, I got him a Lightening Mc Queen car, that talked and he loved it 🙂 He kept checking to see if it was still there lol. It was a really good few hours. I went back to mums with her and had dinner, then mum dropped me home. Just chilled out in the evening. It was a pretty good day.

Sunday – I went over to see L and the boys. I gave Albie his 1st bday present! He loved opening his presents and I got a little something for Harvey too. Boo went for a sleep, so we watched a couple of films. It was nice just to relax. I got home and cleaned the flat as it was a total pit! Had a nice shower, had some beans for dinner. Took both the pups out 🙂 and scrappy peed and pooped outside like a good boy. Then I got to bed.

Monday – I’ve been waking up so early! I hate it. I cleaned up a little, had a shower and took the pups for a wee. I went and met my new friend Z off the bus, we looked around town for a bit, then went to the shop to get some dinner. We came back to mine and picked up the pups and took them for a little wander. Scrappy LOVED it, bouncing about lol. We chilled out watching films in the afternoon and I made us a roast dinner 🙂 At 8 pm I walked Z to the bus stop. She got on and I started walking back with the pups and decided to talk them for a little walk before we went home. Went by the pub and saw a friend in there and we ended up staying and not getting home till 1 pm! I put the dogs straight into my room, I did my med box up and then chilled out in bed for a bit. I went to sleep gone 2 am and I still woke up at 8 am…

Today – I was up early, but I did fall back to sleep on the sofa for an hour which was nice. I got up, showered, dressed and ate. I went out and took the dogs for their first proper walk together 🙂 It was hard work at times, trying to get scrappy to walk and follow. He kept getting under my feet lol. We got to the big green and I let him off his lead. I was really nervous, but he did really well. He just stayed by me and foxy! So sweet. After I dropped them back, I met up with a friend and went to a tattoo shop. We came back into town, went for a hot chocolate, so yummy. We went to the shop to get a few bits. I came out with a batman top and food lol! This evening we chilled out and watched a few films and I cooked us dinner. My appetite seems ok when cooking for myself and a friend, hate cooking for just myself sometimes. But my appetite is ok-ish. Walked to the traffic lights with my friend and the pups. I’ve just been chilling this evening. I ache SO much. 

Going to get an early night. I am so tired and I’ve got an early start tomorrow, the dogs have the vets. Scrappy needs to be weighted for his worming pill, so does fox really. I may take them for a walk after, will see how the weather is. It’s been a bit crappy the last few days, which is a bit pants. But a little rain is ok.

It is nearly 10 pm, so I am going to take the pups out and get to bed! 

Mentally I have been feeling pretty good, just chilled. Loving taking scrappy out! He’s so cute and they both get lots of attention. 

Physically I’m ok, just achy and I think I have a bit of a cold, keep coughing. Driving me mad.

I have my bone doc Fri, I am going to BEG to come off the methotrexate! I am fed up of being sick!

Peace out

Tank girl

Appetite…where have you gone?

Urgh I am SO tired, but hungry as well. My appetite has gone again…don’t really fancy anything at all, but still feeling hungry so HAVE to eat! I hate eating sometimes. 

Thursday – I did NOTHING!

Today I was up at 7 am AGAIN! Scrappy’s fault lol. So I put them in the lounge, opened the balcony door, had a flapjack and went back to bed for a few hours. 

Just relaxed for a bit this morning, not really knowing what to do. I cut up some carrot and pear for the dogs and they really liked them. It’s good for them and their teeth.

Eventually I got up, showered, dressed and took fox for a wee. I went into town, got a bus to a shop where I got the dogs new tags to go on there harness’s. All ready to take scrappy out on Mon. I got back into town and got a few bits. 

OMG as I am sat here little scrappy is farting and he freaking STINKS SO BAD URGH *PUKES* 

Anyway I got home this afternoon, I had toast for lunch, hung out laundry and watched The Quiet ones…It was ok… not that impressive. By this time it was about 4 pm, so I did dinner, but didn’t really eat it and got myself ready for my first group.

I got to my new group a bit early, so I just waited outside and someone came and brought me in. 

The group is for people who are LGBTQ and have mental health issues. I can’t say much about what happened etc because of confidentiality. But it was really good. This group only meets once a month, but there is another group that that meets every Thursday afternoon, so I have decided I will go along to that one as well 🙂 I hope I get a lot out of it and I hope I am also able to give to people. 


Peace out

Tank girl

Mess, films and dogs!

Sat here staring at the screen trying to think of how to start…so I’ll start like this lol. 

I slept well last night, but woke up early again! I put the dogs in the lounge and I went back to sleep for an hour.

When I came back into the lounge, well it was just carnage! Lol. Scrappy had pulled the stuffing out of foxy’s bed…there was bits EVERYWHERE! Man I can’t even leave them for an hour lol! and I come into a room of MESS! Just what I needed on an already messy room. But I just can’t be mad at his cute little face. He’s such a monkey. 

I had no motivation this morning, NON, my get up and go, got up and fucked off. Well I am being a bit hard on myself, I was in absolute AGONY with my joints, everything hurt and felt so heavy! urgh I felt awful. So I did nothing but sit for most of the morning. I took pain killers, they couldn’t work soon enough!

However I did muster the energy to sort out dinner for the slow cooker and timed it so that it would be ready for when I got back from seeing the film. 

I saw the time and I thought I had better get my skates on, so I showered, dressed and took miss foxy for a wee. Dropped her back and hobbled my way to the bus stop. Urgh walking is such an effort and so painful :/ my tummy is still feeling tender as well. 

Didn’t have to wait too long to the bus. Town and the bus station was so busy. Just over a week till the kids go back! I can’t wait lol, they are everywhere. Getting in my way! LOL! I’m getting old and grumpy.

Got to the cinema and it wasn’t too busy. Went up stairs, carefully. I got myself a drink and some popcorn. Because it was a studio screen and not one of the main screens I was able to go in straight away, the credits from the last film were still running. But was cool just to chill out for a bit. The studio cinema I was in only has 45 seats, but still a full sized screen, so it was really intimate. Luckily I wasn’t the only one there! I say there was about 20-25 people. I was worried I was going to be the only one in there. Deliver us from Evil, was SO good. I did jump a few times lol, but that’s the fun of it all. I always wonder why as humans do we enjoy scaring ourselves, but I suppose its the excitement of it all, I dunno. But whatever the reason, it was a great film and glad I went to see it. 

I got out and walked to the bus stop, didn’t have to wait to long. The bus route is like a round journey. So anyway’s I got on and noticed this little old lady was fast asleep lol and this was the last stop. So I shook her shoulder, she woke up and thanked me and got off the bus. Hehe bless her, I’ve fallen asleep many a time on the bus, but luckily never missed my stop! 

Well I got home to poops in the hallway and toilet roll everywhere! Oh and 2 hyper puppies! So I cleared up the poop and toilet roll and fussed over my babies. Scrappy gets so excited that he nips by accident. I checked my dinner and it was bubbling away, all ready for me to eat. Dished some up and tucked in. I didn’t end up eating it all as my tummy was still really sore. Feeling a bit bloated and in pain, I just chilled out, watching the Simpsons. 

Eventually I knew I was going to have to clean up! I hate living in mess, but I also hate cleaning! It’s boring, takes up precious energy and ends up making me hurt all over. BUT these crappy things have to been done. So I got off my ass and started the laborious task of CLEANING!!! 

Cleaning only took about 2 hours, BUT it was done and I felt better for it (mentally anyway) I got a shower and got dressed again as I still need to take fox for a wee. 

This evening I have just been relaxing, as I am so achy now. And also catching up on here. It is now just gone 1 am and I have sleeping beauty on 🙂 I have no plans for tomorrow, so what time I go to bed isn’t so important today. I’ve been pretty good lately with taking my meds, going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking at a reasonable hour, so the odd night where I am awake really late is allowed 🙂

On Fri evening I have a LGBT mental health group. Its the first time I am going, so I’m actually quite nervous. Not really sure what to expect! But I’m sure it will be ok. It’s good to do new things out of my comfort zone. 

A Salvation Army charity shop has opened in town, I really need to get my butt in there and see if I can get a few hours voluntary work!

Anyway, I better start getting on with my bed time routine. I need to take out miss foxy girl. It’s a bit chilly tonight, feels like autumn. Finally weather I like. 

Peace out

Tank girl 

Chest doc app

Today has been LONG! I was up at 5:30 am…A bit earlier then I really needed to be, but I hate rushing about if I don’t have too. 

So I got up, watched a bit of TV, had some toast, had a shower, got dressed, took foxy and came back and dozed off till my alarm went off. Then I left and caught the bus at 7:50 am… :O 

The bus trip was fairly ok…although I was nodding off and at one point dribbling a bit…Urgh so attractive! No wonder I am single lol.

I was at the hospital for over an HOUR! I got there and was sent for a chest x-ray, that took ages. Then I had some breathing tests done, that wasn’t too bad. Then had to wait for what felt like AGES to see my doc. He had some girl in there from 6th form to see what kinda stuff goes on, so yeah wasn’t really bothered about that. He wasn’t as attentive as last time and I just felt rushed through…which is ok, but after waiting for what felt like ages, it would of been nice to have a chat. But I suppose really most of my issues I am having at the moment are down to my meds and joints. Meh. 

Anyway whatever, I got home at just before midday! I got in to two VERY hyper squeaky puppies. I stripped off and got into my p.js. which I think is totally deserved after a early day! I just chilled out for a bit, paying my babies some attention. Then I snuggled up on the sofa with my pups and slept for about an hour when I got rudely awoken by a guy who came to read the electric meter…URGH! I wasn’t feeling well and really needed that sleep. Yet another freaking day I am having sulphur burps and my tummy has been really sore :/ So far I’ve not thrown up… 

I have just been sat about in my pjs for most of the day watching tv and snuggling with my puppies. Just where I needed and wanted to be. I always think I should be doing x,y and z like everyone else…But I need to remember I’m NOT everyone else! I am me and I am SICK! and I need to take time to recover from bus trips and I am feeling unwell with this tummy pain. I’m too hard on myself some times. 

I managed to have some dinner, I needed to eat as I was hungry…I was a bit nervous to eat as I didn’t want to throw it up. But so far this evening I’ve kept everything down I’ve eaten! I am thankful for small mercies.

An idea popped into my head…I wanted to make fudge..So I put some clothes on and went to the shop, but fudge is time consuming and hard work, so I went for flapjacks instead as they are quick and yummy. So I got the bits, came home and made them! Yum.

Right now I’m not feeling so tired, but I do need an early night. The flat is such a mess, so I need to clean that tomorrow morning, before I go out to see a film! Urgh I’d rather do anything then clean! So boring.

I’m going to get myself to bed very soon! I need to rest my poor body.

Peace out

Tank girl


Great Monday, early Tuesday

A bit of a catch up.

So I checked on the boys on Saturday night, before I went to sleep. Albert was all snuggled up looking so cute and Harvey was snoring away hehe, bless him. 

I went to bed around 11 pm….But omg it was the worst, restless nights I’ve had in a while…urgh! I don’t think I slept properly until about 2-3 am…Just what I need when I have two little monkeys to wake up too. 

Albie had me up at 6 am….*yawn* But surprisingly I felt ok and not really that tired. So I played with him for an hour, then fed him. Harvey was up at 7:30 am, he was happy just plonked on the sofa watching cartoons. Albie went down for a nap from 8am till nearly 11 am. I was able to have breakfast and a little nap while Harvey watched tv.

When Albie got up, I gave Harvey breakfast and put boo in his highchair and gave him a snack and drink, while I jumped in the shower. After I got Ablie into a clean nappy and clean clothes and Harvey got himself showered and dressed, he loves my shower bless him.

We all got ready and headed out. Went to the shop first so I could get myself some drinks, as the boys already had everything they needed to take with us. We walked over the new lifting bridge, Harvey loved it as we saw the bridge lowering down, so I had a million questions of how it worked, why it lifted up etc. 

It didn’t take long to get to the park. Harvey loved it there, running around trying everything out, making friends. He had me playing on some of the stuff with him as well which was fun 🙂 I was playing with boo, put him on the swings and slides, walking him all over as well 🙂 He had a great time. We were there for a good few hours. It showered a bit while we were there, but it came over really dark with black clouds, so I said to Harvey I think we had better go before we get soaked! He agreed because he doesn’t like getting wet, he said its ok if its a little bit of rain, but not lots of rain. So we got the bus back.

Got back to mine and I changed my top and jumper as I was wet, I got Harvey to gather the rest of his bits up and put in his bag and I rounded up the rest of their other bits and bobs and we headed back out to take the bus to their home. Harvey was missing his mummy and didn’t want to stay with me any longer. 

Albie fell asleep on the bus back, auntie Dyllan had worn him out. He was also a bit snotty, so think he’s got a cold coming. We got to L’s and the boys were happy to see mummy 🙂 I didn’t stay too long as I was tired and my tummy was a bit sore, plus the Sunday buses aren’t as regular. I got home just after 4 pm.

Got home and my tummy was really painful and I had sulphur burps again…Urgh…so I knew I was going to throw up. I curled up on the sofa for a bit and about an hour or so later I threw up…Deffo my methotrexate playing up again, because if it was a bug I would have thrown up more then once. So I felt a bit rubbish the rest of the night, I did have a short nap. Had some toast for dinner, took fox for a wee and was in bed by about 11 pm. 

I slept well last night, I think I fell asleep pretty much straight away. 

Scrappy woke me up at 8:30 am…a half hour before my alarm! lil sod lol. But I wasn’t feeling too sleepy so I just stayed up, watched a little TV. I had some breakfast, had a shower and got dressed and took miss foxy for a wee. The weather was a bit weird today, in the shade it was quite cold, but in the sun it was fairly warm, so ended up wearing shorts and a t-shirt, which suited me fine. 

I got a but to go meet a friend and we walked down to the Oceanarium 🙂 we were in there for a good 2 hours. We watched the sharks being fed and the turtles too. It was great they have new fish and other things in there that I’d not seen before so that was awesome. I love it in there. 

After that we got the bus back to my end, we had a look in a few shops and Z decided to get herself a new piercing called a anti-eyebrow and it looks really cool! We then came back to mine for a few hours, so she could meet all my babies 🙂 hehe they were all over her! As I knew they crazy pups would be. We watched a bit of TV and chatted. I also taught her how to make loom bracelets and gave her a few bits to begin with as she enjoyed it.

We went out for dinner, we had a yummy roast and a scrummy ice cream with brownies and chocolate sauce 😀 YUM!

After dinner Z got the bus home and I walked back to mine, to be greeted by two insane puppies lol 🙂 my lovely babes. 

I’ve only been in for about 2 hours now, just been catching up on fb and writing this. I’ve had such a good day, I feel totally fucking buzzing hehe. Sleep tonight should be fun. I need to do my meds and take fox for a wee yet…It’s not 10:40 pm…I need to be up at 5:30 am tomorrow morning as I have a app at 9:30 am….I need to get the bus at 7:50 am..I’m gonna get there early, but that time of day I may get stuck in traffic… I’m only getting up so early because I HATE rushing in the morning, so I can take my time showering, eating and taking fox for a wee. I am seeing my chest doc… He’ll probably moan that I haven’t done my sputum sample yet… but I haven’t done it as I would have to get it up to the docs by 11 am and that’s just a bit early for me, so I am going to ask if I can drop it of at the hospital, as its closer and I may be able to drop it off later then 11 am. So yeah seeing my chest doc tomorrow, so that means breathing tests and a chest x-ray. I have nothing planned for the rest of the day so I can come home and sleep!

Mentally I am feeling really good, my head is buzzing, but in a good way.

Physically I have been feeling ok actually, achy but its not been too bad.

Peace out

Tank girl


Good times, with a little anxiety

I had a good day Fri, pretty chill really. Just relaxed most of the day watching Law and Order SVU. A friend came over in the evening, we just hung out, chatting and watched a film. It was a good evening 🙂

This morning I was up early again…! Bloody scrappy! Lil shit. Literally. He keeps waking me up between 7:30-8:30 am! So I got up and chilled out, I was thinking about going back to bed. I was tired, but not sleepy…Great! Just when I have a busy day ahead. 

Did the usual morning things…Got showered, dressed and made sure I ate lots for breakfast. I took foxy for a wee and dropped her back. 

Left again to catch the bus. Urgh the bus seats are so uncomfortable! I went to meet L and the boys. Bless Harvey had his little suitcase oh toys and snacks, so sweet. We went into a few shops as L needed to get Harvey some bed time nappy pants (he still struggles with wetting the bed) I took the boys back on the bus and Albie was fast asleep. We went via the park on the way home, so we ended up being there for a while, which was cool. Albie slept for most of it. 

We go back, I sorted out the boys stuff and Harvey was happy just chilling watching TV. Albie was a bit grumpy and grizzly, but he was crawling and cruising about the place. They were both fed by 5:30 pm. They both had pudding too. I gave Albie a bath as he was covered in his dinner lol. Put his pjs on. I did the washing up while the boys chilled out. 

Put Albie in his pushchair with his blankie and we all went out so Foxy could go pee. Harvey had fun running about and didn’t want to come back right away, so we stayed out for a bit. 

Got back, lil man had a quick shower, he said he was only having a quick one today, but he might have a long shower tomorrow. Lol he’s so funny. Got him dressed and ready for bed. He picked a dvd, while I put Albie to bed. Then I put Harvey to bed and as usual he was asking me 1000 questions about the film he picked lol! 

Ah peace! I watched the Simpsons and had my dinner. A little later Harvey came out because the film had finished, so let him pick another film as I know he just wants to be home with mummy, bless him.

Just been relaxing, watching TV and eating cakes 😉 After I have finished this, I will be checking on the boys and if Harvey is asleep I will be snuggling up on the sofa! I am shattered. Hopefully the weather will be ok tomorrow and I might take the boys to the park again. 

Mentally I’ve had a good few days. I have had moments of anxiety, but they have been bearable. 

Physically I’ve been in my usual joint pain…but I’ve been trying to just deal with it and not be so reliant on my pain meds. I find if I don’t take them daily, they work quicker when I really need them. Which I have done tonight. 

Peace out

Tank girl