A good start to this week

Urgh I had such a restless nights sleep. At one point I woke up cold and it was because I was at the other end of the bed using the duvet as a pillow….no wonder I was freezing lol. But I suppose I didn’t sleep well because I’ve not really been out much. But then I’ve not been well enough.

But anyway I was up at 9 am. I chilled out for a bit, then showered and got dressed. Took the pups for a wee and brought them back. I went out to have my bloods done and man I was in there an hour! It took SO long, I felt like I was in there forever lol.

I went into the sweet shop to say hello to S. Was nice to see her and catch up.

Went home and took the pups out again. It’s so difficult as scrappy isn’t allowed off the lead for at least till Fri. I put foxy on a separate lead a non retractable one and she seemed much happier trotting along on that. The tandem lead is good, but now scrappy is bigger he drags poor fox along. I may get him a non retractable lead for when he is allowed off, as he doesn’t really need a long leash as he goes off the lead to run about.

I am feeling much better today. I feel much less poorly, my symptoms seemed to have calmed down. I also feel much less emotional as well. Yesterday I kept crying because I just felt so poorly and helpless. I feel more me today. Being so poorly does have a real toll on my emotional state as it would anyone. I feel good, mentally and physically. I can’t wait to get back to group this week! I really missed it last week. Just proves that since starting in August it has been such a great support and I’ve really enjoyed going there.

Haven’t done much this evening. Caught up with some of my friends on fb, which has been nice. Just been relaxing. I actually feel hungry as well! But don’t have anything in that I fancy. But I get paid tomorrow, so I can get some food shopping.

Mr Scrappy seems to be healing well. He has an app in the afternoon to check him over. He seems to be his usual crazy self.

Urgh I need a hair cut! It’s so LONG and fluffy! So tempted to get the clippers on it, but I know I’ll regret it. I may get it cut tomorrow morning if D is in the shop.

Going to have some more jam on toast and chill 🙂

Peace out


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