Over organised!

I think I am becoming nocturnal again…It’s 12:40 am and I am only just sitting down to relax and write. I am probably going to have another late night. I need to break this routine though.

Last night….well should I say this morning. I didn’t get to sleep till about 5 am. And I woke up 6 hours later…Urgh. I let scrappy out for a wee, I had a drink and we all went back to bed for a few hours.

Can’t remember what time I got up again. I think it was about midday. I sat about a bit, watching the tv. I eventually got showered and dressed. I took my lil pups across the road for a run about. I dropped them home and headed back into town.

Went to Argos and got myself a new little table to go next to the sofa, to fill the gap where the fish tank was. Now I don’t have a big coffee table in the middle of the lounge, that will do so people can put their drinks on etc. I had lunch in Burger King, as I realised it was 3:30 pm and I’d not eaten… So yeah treated myself. I got £15 left of my Christmas money. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I may get Lego Batman 2, so I will have all 3 games. Or I may get another Animal top….Will have a look in town tomorrow.

Got in and put the little table together. It only took half an hour. I’ve already got one like it and its pretty simple. Got a blister on my finger though from screwing all the bits in. Just chilled out for a bit, but my mind was busy with things I wanted to do.

With the new year coming I like to sort out what I need to get rid of, sell or throw away. So I sat and went through ALL my paper work. I was left with a massive pile. I really need to shred it before I throw it away…I was going to sit and cut it all up, but my head had other ideas.

I made myself some dinner before starting on my big task. It was ok….I wasn’t really hungry though.

I grabbed the baby wipes and went on a mission to dust all my shelves and Lego sets. I moved a few about as well. I wedged the bedroom door open and Miss Marely moo has been in here exploring as she’s not usually allowed in here. So all that dusting took a while, but my Lego looks better and are a bit more organised now.

Went into my bedroom, put a film on and sat and went through my pj draw, sock draw and boxer draw. As they were all overflowing lol. I had lots to throw out.

Then I went through my wardrobe. I sorted through all the tops and jeans that I wear and don’t wear or ones that just need throwing out. I had one t-shirt that still had tags on! I threw a few tops out, I got lots of tops to sell and one pair of jeans to sell. Everything is all nicely hung up again. I then went through my shoes. I got a pair of boots and shoes that I don’t wear, the rest I wear all the time. I went through all my hoodies and jumpers…as I have a few lol. I only had one to sell. But I did sort them out, hung them up etc. I have so much stuff! Bagged up the stuff that I was throwing out. I gave new homes to all the bits I got for Xmas. Put my new badges on my bag.

Sat and took pictures of everything I wanted to sell. I then went and got my laptop and sat on the bed. I uploaded all the pics to a selling site on fb and it took ages to write out the details and prices. I then sat and uploaded everything to a site called gumtree…that took SO long. But I hope it will be worth it. If nothing comes of it I think I will donate it all to the youth hostel I used to live in.

It’s taken me about an hour to sit and write. I’m starting to get a bit tired now. I think I will get myself to bed soon. I need to take the pups out first.

Feeling good. My head is just buzzing with things I want to do/get, but I got to wait till I get paid on Tues. My mind has been so busy lately. I thought it was just the Christmas period….I suppose my brain is preparing for the new years….Suppose if I get rid of extra baggage physically I will be able to do the same mentally…. I don’t know. I just want to be able to be truly at peace. Just be able to rest.

Physically I’m ok. Just the usual pain. Still feeling run down, but with my mind racing about I’ve not had much chance to rest.

Tomorrow I don’t have much planned….Although I do need to sort out the paper work. I need to destroy it some how…..may have to sit and rip it up. I want to go into town and have a look for a new top and maybe have lunch in burger king 🙂

Hopefully my brain will let me sleep peacefully and not wake up after 6 hours sleep.

My two pups are snuggled up with each other…they are BEAUTIFUL and Miss Marley moo is snuggled up on the end of the bed ❤

Peace out


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