We had snow! Yay! :)

Starting this a bit earlier this evening. I want to be in bed before midnight…that’s the plan anyway.

I didn’t manage to get to bed until 2:30 am an it had started to snow 🙂 Eeek I was so excited, but really tired lol, so didn’t take long to fall asleep.

Woke up at 9 am and totally forgotten that I’d seen it start to snow lol! I was still a bit sleepy and I let scrappy out for a pee, then I had the sudden realisation that OMG IT SNOWED! WOOHOO! It wasn’t a huge amount at all, but still exciting.

I was too excited to remember to eat lol, so I quickly got showered and dressed and took the pups across the road to show them the snow. I knew the snow wouldn’t last all day, so I wanted to make the most of it. First thing scrappy did was to lick it lol! I was throwing snowballs at him and he was SO confused! he was expecting to catch it I think..hehe, he was looking for it, so sweet and so funny. Foxy however wasn’t so impressed as it was cold and wet an she just wanted to be a home hehe, but with some encouragement she was soon chasing scrappy boy about.

I was out with the pups for as long as I could stand, it was pretty chilly even though I was all wrapped up and poor foxy needed to get into the warm too.

Decided I needed to treat myself today and I went to go see Big Hero 6 in 3D, I had a complimentary ticket to use 🙂 got myself some popcorn and Pepsi and went and sat down. I was the only person in there hehe, I think it was because it was a 12 pm showing at its a kids film. But fuck it, loved every min of it. Such a great film, the usual Disney tear jerker moments too lol.

After the film, I went to the shop and got myself some lucky charms as a treat. I a little bit ate my two boxes in a week 😀 but whatever I’ve still lost weight. Got the bus home and yeah the snow had all gone..its meant to snow more this week. Went to the sweet shop to see how S and her big bubba bump is doing, ended up chatting for a while. I went into another shop and got scrappy a new indoor ball, as I popped his by accident :/ but now he has a nice shiny new one.

Got home and no pee or poop! Woohoo, not much mess either as I’d put everything up out of his way. However he had pulled more fluff out of his bloody bed, so I’ve decided to throw it! He’s destroyed it lol. Pups were so excited to see me hehe, love their little faces. I got them ready and took them out for a quick wee and run, the temp is dropping and it was starting to get cold, I was really starting to feel it.

I threw scrappy’s ball away..the one I popped. His face was great! As if to say why are you throwing that away 😦 he was so sad haha. Then gave him his new ball and he was SO happy, started bouncing about. So we played a little. To see him go from looking sad to looking so so happy was so sweet, he’s so full of character, so full of soul. He’s amazing. My poor little fox was shivering, the flat was a bit chilly. So I snuggled her up in her blanket and she soon settled and went to sleep, she’s such a gentle soul, so sensitive, so sweet. Makes my heart melt. I couldn’t imagine life without them. I miss them when I go out for a few hours lol.

Just relaxed on the sofa for a bit, warmed up…well tried. My mind was busy…I was thinking of what needed to be done, in what order I need to do it, what I’m doing tomorrow etc…went into overdrive. In the end I got up and started cleaning up, first I started in the bedroom, stripped the bed and put on new sheets, got out new pjs and tidied up the bottom of my wardrobe….as things just end up on the floor in there lol! So my bedroom is all nice and ready for bed time 🙂 Oh and sprayed my lavender bedtime spray all over my bed, eeek can’t wait for bed now. Cleaned up the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up the lounge, sorted out the litter box…yeah BOOM! sorted. Oh and in between doing all that I made some pasta and mixed it with mayo, tuna and sweetcorn and had a bit of that for dinner.

Been chilling this evening, literally! It’s cold in here lol. Face is still red, blotchy and itchy..so annoying. Booked a gp app for Fri morning, to sort out getting slow release tramadol and if my face is still itching…and to see if there is another contraceptive pill I can take that won’t give me migraines.

Plan for tonight…well its now 11 pm, so after I’ve published today’s mega exciting blog, I am going to take the pups for a wee, come back and have a nice fresh shower before getting into fresh pjs and bed sheets. Ah best way.

My plan for tomorrow…I don’t have one as of yet. Depends on my mood, weather etc. So we’ll see how it turns out.

My mood has crashed this evening 😦 Not sure why…….but hey I gotta deal and roll with it. Need to try and relax and stop being so hyper aware of my mood, just the slightest mood change and I’m freaking…mindful…mindful…relax!

Snow pictures from this morning

Peace out


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