Mega Lazy Sunday

Bruno Mars – The lazy song, this has totally been my song ALL day 🙂

I have done nothing all day long and man I totally needed to just veg out and stay in and rest.

I feel totally rested and happy, that’s all I really have to say. I just watched Orange is the new black and now I am starting from season 1 again. Played a few hours of Lego Batman 3 too, totally loving that game!

Got the doctors first thing tomorrow morning for bloods, I have 2 more blood forms and if they can’t do it there then I’ll have to go to hospital to have it done. I’ll probably take the pups out in the afternoon and I have the trans* group social in the evening. So that should be a good day.

Took some pictures of myself the other day and I was feeling fly and felt so good and I looked like a guy 🙂 woop! totally noticing that small changes in myself, I feel so much more confident and I even keep getting mixed up when I’m talking to people about my transition, like I keep saying M – F ….LOL! It’s good I suppose because well I am a boy through and through.

I have now lost a total of 2 stone! (28lbs) back to my original weight. Hoping to lose a little more. Feeling fly! totally loving it!

Just feeling so freaking good 😀

Peace out


Family BBQ

Last night I didn’t get to sleep till gone 2 am 🙂 and I slept pretty well.

Slept until gone 9 am, got up had breakfast and fell back to sleep on the sofa until like 12/1 pm lol…I totally needed it though.

Just chilled out listening to music and stuff, eventually got showered and dressed and that was only because I was going out, otherwise I would probably have stayed in my boxers and vest top for a few more hours lol. Totally obsessed with Lazy by Bruno Mars 😀

Spent the afternoon at my aunts house for my lil cousins 6th birthday party, we had a BBQ with the fam and that was really nice 🙂 hard having people refer to me as she and using my birth name… just means I need to start telling the rest of the fam as clearly the mothership isn’t going to fucking bother or whatever. But anyway it was really nice 🙂

I got in about 8:30 pm to my happy pups, so I had a piss and took the pups for a walk, as they’d been in all day. We went on our usual walk and didn’t get back until 10 and the pups have pretty much been asleep since.

Just been chilling watching tv and taken ages to write this short post lol.

My lil miss foxy girl has gunky eyes at the mo, so going to try a wet teabag on them as a home remedy before I have to take her to the vets, so I am hoping this will work.

I got NO plans for tomorrow 😀 gonna chill in my boxers ALL DAY! Nah I’ll prob take the pups out at some point, but I totally need to just relax 🙂

Peace out


I’ve been a poorly boy. Also #LoveWins

So the last few days have not been cool! But I am on the mend and on the up once again..mostly.

Wednesday was rough I couldn’t get going, I managed to get to my hospital appointment at the hospital 4 mins late…but I got there. And ended up being there for 2 freaking hours! Had another x-ray on my teeth, did all the pre-op stuff and hopefully I will get a date soon to get two teeth out under general anesthetic.

My bro picked me up, went to see his new place for a bit. Went with him to pick up his gf from work and we sat by the sea in the car for a bit, which was nice.

All afternoon though I was NOT feeling good, I kept feeling sick but I thought that was because I didn’t eat much. As the day went on my stomach pains got so bad, I couldn’t eat any dinner. I was in agony! spent all night up and down with a bad stomach from both ends 😥 and eventually settled to sleep.

So yeah that’s Erythromycin making me feel so ill…so after a few phone calls with my GP (Thursday) he said I can try Azithromycin to get rid of this infection. Need to pick it up from the chemist and give it a bash.

Thursday I spent most of the day sleeping and just resting. I was SO gutted I had to miss group though 😦 but I felt so so rough. I managed to get to the shops to get myself a few bits, lucozade, crackers and some other stuff I needed. Also managed to shave my hair off number 1 all over cuz it was pissing me off and had a nice refreshing shower 🙂 and I managed to take the pups across the road for an hour in the evening. I did keep some food and drink in me as well so that was good. A pretty boring rough day but I got through it.

Today has been ok, my stomach still feels a lil sore but I think I pulled my stomach muscles when I was sick and I’m probably still a bit hungry, I’ve only managed to eat a little today but I’ll get back on track.

I slept ok-ish, I was up early but I fell asleep on the sofa for a bit. Cleaned up the entire flat and did 4 loads of washing. Had a nice shower and took pups across the road for a run before I went out with my Bro and step dad to the pub for a quick drink for my step dads birthday which was really nice.

Chilled out watching Friends for a bit, played 3 hours of Lego Batman 3, had some dinner..literally like a few bites lol watched OITNB (Orange is the new black)

The pups were bugging me, jumping on me and just generally trying to get my attention lol! So I ended up taking them for a for and we were out for an hour and a half, it was really nice to get out and the pups loved it and they’ve been sleeping for ages now 🙂

Just be catching up online, watching OITNB and writing this 🙂

It’s nearly 1 am now and I am feeling so much better then I have done the last 2 days 🙂 nothing can beat this boy!

Tomorrow I am going to my lil cousins 6th Birthday party BBQ late afternoon so should be fun.

I am so proud of the USA! Equal marriage for all in all 50 states! History has been made #lovewins

Peace out



Aaaahh an early start! Woke up at 7 am and fell back to sleep for 40 mins, threw some clothes on and sorted the pups out.

Saw my dentist at a stupidly early 8:20 am.. And YUP I need another tooth out, so he did me a letter to take to the hospital tomorrow.

I went into a few shops on my way home and bought myself some new shorts.

Spent the rest of the morning sleeping on the sofa with the pups, definitely needed it. I’ve felt so sleepy all day but I’ve pushed through it.

Got my stinky self in the shower, got my new shorts on and I was looking fly! 😉 My Grandad picked up me and the pups and we chilled over there for a few hours, had some lunch and filled out a questionnaire for a charity that helps people with a similar/same condition as me. It was nice to spend time with them for a bit and the pups had fun running about in the garden.

Chilled out when I got in, just led on the sofa with the pups, dozing on and off. Had a bacon sandwich for dinner, took my antibiotics and pain killers, then took the pups for a evening walk.

Just been chilling out this evening, watching Orange is the new black, I love it! Lori Petty and Ruby Rose is in it and they freaking ROCK!

Hanging out with my bro and Leo tomorrow, then got my hospital appointment to book getting my teeth out.

Peace out


1 appointment down…2 to go

Urgh today has been long, well the hospital took 2 hours and this morning seem to whiz by. I think that’s because I woke up at 10:15 am which is late for me really.

I did manage to clean up, get showered and dressed and take pups out just before I left to get the bus to my hospital appointment.

I nearly fell asleep on the first bus lol, I came over all sleepy and it was warm on there, perfect condition for a nap lol.

I was in there for 2 hours! It took SOOOOOO long to do everything today. I had my 2 different sets of breathing tests, they took a while, then had to go off to get my chest x-ray done…waited 20mins for that. Finally saw my doctor who’s really nice, he said my chest x-ray and breathing tests look good and the results of my sputum sample showed that I have a staph infection in my lungs, so he said I’ve got to take some antibiotics for a week, have a blood test next week and another sputum sample if I am still coughing stuff up in a weeks time and he’ll see me in 6 months. I then had to wait 20 mins for my antibiotics..gah!

Eventually got home to my babies 🙂 and had cuddles for a bit. I had a nice egg and bacon sandwich for dinner! YUM!

Oooh I’ve lost more weight too! YAY I am now 9st 13lbs/127lbs! I am SO happy! 😀 nearly at my goal weight.

I’ve been reading up on how to make a great YouTube channel, I am going to start making videos about my life as a trans* guy and as a person with physical and mental health issues.

Tomorrow I have to be at the dentist at 8:20 am…gah! so after it I may just come back and go to sleep lol. Then I am going to see my nan and grandad in the afternoon for a bit.

That’s it for tonight 🙂

Peace out


Awesome weekend with my best friend

The last 5 days have been so good 🙂 I ache all over and I’m utterly exhausted but I am so happy.

Wed –  L, boo and I met up and we had lunch down where I scattered my dad and the pups had fun running about, playing and scrappy went for a swim and at one point Arnie did follow scrappy but wasn’t sure about it lol, was so funny. I ended up having boo over night as he fell asleep back at mine and L had to go get Harvey. Thought it would give her a bit of a break.

Thurs – Boo had me up at 7 am, I fed him and got myself ready 🙂 took pups out for a run and a wee and boo had a run about too. He loves playing with the dogs it’s so cute.

I had a hospital appointment for my fingers and I had to drop of a sputum sample as I was asked to do it last year lol for my chest doc but I’ve finally done it and I see him Mon. The hand therapist was pleased with my fingers although the little finger is still really bent so she gave me this fabric splint type thing to help straighten it out and if there’s any issues I can just ring up and go see her.

Headed to Bournemouth to meet L after her appointment and boo fell asleep on the bus, I sat in the gardens waiting for L. I was eating my jam doughnuts.

I had to head back home because I had stuff to do. I finished off filling out my form for the national statistics and the guy came to pick it up and said I’ll get a voucher to spend for doing it, so that’s pretty cool 🙂 I cleaned up the flat, had some dinner and went over to meet my counsellor from a few years ago just to catch up which was really nice 🙂

Friday was really nice I put the paddling pool up for Leo and spent most the day with him and my bro 🙂 and I didn’t get showered and dressed till gone 3 pm lol. I really needed that lazy day after a busy week and before a busy weekend.

I did gammon in coke for dinner in the slow cooker which was so nice, only did it for 4 hours on high because I forgot to put it on in the morning lol.

L and Harvey come over after the school run, we had dinner and then we went on the usual walk I take the pups. It was good fun Harvey walked across all the big rocks and Arnie jumped head on into a rock while following scrappy lol! Scrappy had a dip in the sea and had a lil swim 🙂 and foxy was just walking along with us. It was so nice and we were out for a few hours. And we all pretty much went straight to bed when we got in.

Saturday – We were all up at half 7 am so we had time to eat and get ready to go on our boat trip without rushing about. I sorted out my lunch and packed everyone’s bags with their snacks and drinks 🙂 made sure the pups had everything they needed too.

We headed out and made sure the pups peed and pooped before we got on the boat so we didn’t have any accidents lol.

Got to the boat just as they were letting peeps on 🙂 eeek. We sat at the top outside at the front and we set off. It was a bit grey and over cast but it was muggy and once we got out of the harbour the wind got up and it was a bit cold, Harvey and L really felt it and ended up sitting inside lol. I stayed outside as I didn’t really feel the cold, once we went up the river the wind dropped and the sun came out a bit. The pups were so good, scrappy kept barking at the buoys and watching the birds. Foxy was a bit chilly so I wrapped her up in my coat bless her.

We got off the boat and had an hour to have a little look around. It was market day so that was cool, I got some crab lines and Harvey got a sword. We sat down to have our lunch and let the pups run about…but scrappy thought it would be good fun to roll in and eat some poop lol! He’s so gross! Harvey saw people getting back on the boat and was freaking out in case it went without us lol!

On the way back we sat inside which was nice and warm and Harvey was running about. I convinced him that we saw a great white shark while he was upstairs and I got a picture from Google to show him as evidence and he believed me bless him 🙂 hehe love tricking him, it’s so easy! He kept going on about it the rest of the weekend. We had a look on the quay as it was Harry Paye day, so loads of people dressed up as pirates, stools and music all along 🙂 and they shot some old cannons and guns too. So lucky to live here absolutely love it.

Watched Jurassic park 2, just chilling out. All the dogs and me and L were shattered. Had a cheeky burger king for dinner 😉 and just had a relaxing evening chatting and watching tv.

And we are caught up to today! It’s Fathers day today so for most of this morning I avoided looking at FB as everyone was posting about it… I’m feeling ok and that but I just miss my dad, its the 3rd fathers day without him.

We all just had a chilled out morning, L and I needed the sleep. Went out in the afternoon down to the quay to catch crabs, L managed to catch 1 lol I caught loads and Harvey caught a few too. We got 19 altogether it was good fun I love crab fishing and we were sat near where I scattered my dad and I have fond memories of sat down there crab fishing with him and my brother, so it seemed fitting.

Got back about just before 3 pm I think and L and Harvey got their bits together to head home and get Boo. It was such a good weekend, it’s a shame they don’t live closer. I’d love to be able to just pop over with the dogs of an evening and just walk back without having to worry about taking a 45 mins bus trip there and back.

I was so shattered so I got into my pjs, snuggled up in bed with the pups and had a two hour nap 🙂 I SOOOO needed it and I’m still utterly exhausted now.

Just been watching tv this evening, had myself some dinner and catching up on here.

Mon, Tues and Weds is full of appointments…Tomorrow I have my chest doc at 3 pm, Tues morning I have the dentist REALLY early in the morning but I really need to see him and Wednesday I have my appointment at the hospital to book getting knocked out to have some teeth out…joys. Thurs I have group, Fri I am meeting up with my bro and step dad, Saturday I’m going to my lil cousins bbq birthday party 🙂 so next week is looking really busy already.

Feeling so good and totally loving life ❤ I never thought that it could be this good.

I’m glad I can chill for most of tomorrow before my appointment, I think I need it. Everything hurts and aches but it was totally worth it 🙂

Some pictures from the last few days

Peace out


Tired, achy me

I’ve been looking at this blank screen for about an hour, I’ve got lots to say but I’m really tired but can’t be bothered to move and don’t know where to start with this…I’m just typing without really looking or thinking. Flipping N keeps falling off the keyboard! so annoying.

Think my body is trying to have a shark week (period) I’ve been craving crappy foods, something I haven’t craved for in a while. I hope this passes.

Just looked over at the pups and it’s so sweet both are just fast asleep and have been for ages. I think I tired them out today, I took them out at 2pm to go and do some bits and bobs, a pet shop for food and the vets for flea stuff and worming stuff and we didn’t get back till about just gone 5 pm. Then this evening we went for a walk for about an hour and a half, they are totally worn out lol, as am I. My lil heart beats for them, they make me so happy 🙂 ❤ I just hope I don’t lose them but I’m pretty confident I won’t.

Today’s been busy although I spend this morning sleeping. I went out paid bills, sent something in the post. Got pups their food and took them to the vets. Did the food shopping and took pups for a walk. It has been a good day 🙂

Worried for a few of my friends at the moment, I just hope they will all be ok and things will work out. I don’t want to say too much about them but yeah, happy thoughts, good energies go out to them and I’ll do my best to be as a good as a friend as I can be to them.

I am off to bed soon, I’m so tired tonight. It’s all that rushing about I’ve done today but I’m just trying to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible and walking through the pain.

Peace out



It’s been a good start to the week and I’m updating early because I’ve got my trans* group tonight.

Woke up at 7 am and even though I didn’t get till sleep till gone 1 am this morning, I felt pretty energised. So I had breakfast and chilled out for a bit. Got showered and dressed and by 8:50 am I was ready to take the pups out for a walk, we did our usual walk down to the Quay and along the water. My crazy boy scrappy even went swimming! lol but it was really nice and everyone was really friendly and said hello to me 🙂

We got back and I sat down for a bit, I sorted the pups out in the hallway with some treats. And I headed out to see my psych.

My psych app was great 🙂 he is so pleased that I’ve been doing so well on such a low dose of quetiapine, we just chatted about what I’m doing, how I’m doing etc and he’s so happy with me. So I’ve been discharged! I am beyond happy with this, this is SO what I wanted 🙂 just such relief and happiness, I’m FREE! It’s a massive step for me, he did say if I need him I can just ring up and get an appointment. But I am hoping that I no longer need him. Man I can’t express how happy I am with this.

I pretty much skipped home because I was so happy lol! treated myself to burger king for lunch.

Got home to my happy puppies 🙂 had snuggles and sat down to eat. I then got ON IT! And I wrote a letter from myself to my housing officer, I also spoke to my neighbour and I wrote a letter from him in his words so I could print it out for him to sign and I’ve also got a really good letter from my psych. I will NOT lose my babies.

This is the letter I wrote from me

Dear Hayley Davies,
I have received your letter regarding the 21 days notice to rehome my dogs.

I have had no missed calls or a voicemail left from yourself, as you said you had tried on several occasions to contact me.

I know the noise complaints have come from Paul Bishop in flat 19 and it is the first I have heard of any noise complaints. I have spoken to my next door neighbour in flat 18 and he has never had any issues with the dogs, he said they only bark when you walk past the door IF they are home alone. Paul Bishop for some reason doesn’t like me and will find any excuse to moan about me, he is much further away from my flat then my next door neighbour so how he can hear them is beyond me. They are both small dogs, one is 3kgs in weight and the other is 6kg in weight, both are fully grown and very rarely bark while at home.

The dogs are well looked after and cared for, they are rarely left on their own. If I do have to leave them it’s usually for my mental health group I attend once a week, my transgender group I attend every fortnight or for hospital appointments. They are walked regularly, they are never left unsupervised in communal areas and they never foul outside the property.
When the contractor and Building Surveyor came over I had been really ill for the past few days and I had forgotten they were coming over, so yes there was a bit of dog faeces out there but that isn’t a regular thing. It’s cleaned daily and every other day I clean it with hot water and bleach.

I have bipolar, ADHD, Granulomatosis Polyangiitis (was Wegeners Granulomatosis) and hyper mobility. I am also transgender. I’ve worked really hard to maintain good mental health and I feel that the past 2 years since having a dog and now 2 dogs my mental health has greatly improved because of them. They give me a reason to get up each day and go out, they help me with my social anxiety especially when taking the bus. I’ve met some really nice people and dogs and I enjoy being out now, rather then being stuck at home alone. My social circle isn’t very big and sometimes I can go for a month at a time without seeing a single person, but thanks to the dogs that has changed all that. Having to rehome my babies (my dogs) would be detrimental to my mental health, also my phsycial health too as I am trying to keep as mobile as I can for as long as I can because I know there will be a time where I will need more assitance in walking and getting out and about. Also having recently come out as transgender I feel much safer and more confident when I am out with the dogs and again having to rehome them would mean that I would become very isolated, which would have a negative impact on my mental health.

I hope you can sympathise with my situation and please consider giving me permisson to keep my dogs.

It’s pretty bang on I think! I am just hoping this will help my case to keep the pups. I also rang to confirm with them that they have the right contact numbers for me and they DO so its bullshit that she’s tried contacting me on several occasions.

So that is all ready to post, I’ve also filled out my form for the warm home benefit, so that is ready to go.

After this I am going to sort my meds out for the week, go post my letters and pick up my prescriptions, have dinner and go to my trans* group 🙂

I am a very very happy boy, despite the whole dog thing..but I will win this. I am so proud of myself 🙂

Peace out


This boy WILL win :)

Another good weekend 🙂

Yesterday was good, I spent most of the morning sleeping off the Metoject, bloody thing wipes me out. But within an hour I managed to get up, showered and dressed and got myself and the pups ready to get the bus over the L’s.

Got over there and the pups were happy to see each other, it’s so sweet. We chilled out until it was time to drop boo off at his nan’s and meet her brother Joey and head off to see Jurassic World in 3D.

Jurassic World 3D was good, Harvey did fairly well to sit relatively still to watch it lol. The storyline was a bit weak but you see it to see the dinosaurs, the graphics were amazing, definitely worth seeing in 3D.

After the film, we picked up boo, walked back to L’s to see what destruction the pups…and by pups I really mean scrappy had done. But surprisingly he’d not eaten anything he wasn’t supposed too! so that was good and boy did he cry when he saw me lol, foxy was excited to see me but scrappy was like a little baby and cried! lol.

I stayed for a lil bit before heading home with the pups, I think I got home just gone 11 pm, took my meds and got into bed with the pups and pretty much went to sleep straight away. I’ve found that brown noise on the white noise app works the best!

I slept really well last night and even woke up at 9:40 am, which is the latest I’ve woke up all week! I had breakfast an hour later and went back to sleep until the afternoon.

I put together the smaller Batman Lego set, that only took an hour. Ah I LOVE Lego so much, it’s a total escape something I can fully concentrate on with my all 🙂

After finding a place for my Lego, I put a load of washing on and cleaned up the flat, had a shower and got dressed. I then sat down with an ice cream, put the footie on England VS Slovenia Euro qualifier game and started my bigger Batman Lego set.

An hour and a half later and I had to stop for dinner and I’m glad I did because it was so yum and I was pretty proud of myself, I did gammon in Pepsi in the slow cooker, microwave chips and a poached egg which I have never done before and it turned out really nice, I ate the lot. I’ve got more gammon left over.

I continued to build my Lego, I watched The Secret World of Lego which was so amazing and Humans too which is just “them” preparing us for things to come. 4 hours later my Lego set was complete! YES! Feels great 🙂 I put it in it’s new place in my bedroom. I’ve totally run out of space now..I need some shelves or something.

So yeah I’ve had another really good weekend and I’m feeling so good.

I see my psych tomorrow morning.. I don’t really know what to say to him, I mean most of it will be positive as I’ve done so so well on the lowered dose of quetiapine. I might talk to him about the ADHD and my diagnosis being that rather then bipolar and see what he thinks. I may even ask to be discharged as I really no longer need them and again see what he thinks. A bit nervous about it all but I’m sure it will be fine, it’s always a source of anxiety.

Saturday I got a letter stating that I have 21 days to re-home the pups due to various reasons, 1 being noise complaints..yeah from the neighbour that doesn’t like me! and it’s the first I’ve personally heard of it, oh and the 4 small bits of dog poop on the balcony when some guys came over to look at the balcony! I’d been ill for a few days and forgot they were coming over! Also she said in the letter she’d been trying to contact me all week but that’s total SHIT! I’ve had NO calls or missed calls or even a voicemail from them so that is a complete fabrication! So yeah I am TOTALLY pissed off, I WILL NOT LOSE MY PUPS. Luckily my psych did me a really good letter to them, so I am going to do a written reply because if I ring I know I will lose my cool, so writing will be a better way for me to get my point across calmly. I’ll sort that out tomorrow, I’m going to also see if my next door neighbour will either ring them or do me a letter to state that he has no issues of noise from the pups and he lives closer to me then the guy that actually made the complaints! I WILL win this! I am going to use my mental and physical health and the fact I am trans* to go in my favour. I shall post a copy of what I send to them so you guys can see too. This boy will NOT lose his babies.

Anyway’s I got a good week ahead of me and it’s only 2 weeks and 2 days till Harley can come home 🙂

Peace out


Purposeful :)

I’ve been sat here for ages just looking at the screen zoning out because I’m actually quite tired. But the rain is hammering down outside, so I’m going to write this entry in hope that it dies down a bit before I take the pups for a wee.

I’m feeling really good today, well I’m feeling really tired and achy but mentally I’m feeling good. I was so worried about lowering the quetiapine, I thought it would be much harder then it actually has been, my moods have been pretty stable apart from the normal ups and downs of just life I’ve not really had any major struggles, no real depressive or manic episode. I feel a lot more centred, happy and settled, I think maybe that has a lot to do with transitioning but also it’s age and the fact I have and still do put a lot of effort in each day to continue to have good mental health.

Yesterday was good but it was hot! really hot. I had a pretty chilled morning, was able to take my time in getting ready for group. I was up early again about 7 am, so I did have breakfast and had a short nap until my alarm went off. My sleep is a bit restless at the moment and I keep waking up so early but still being so tired, I think maybe it’s just a blip.

Group was good, trying at times with the check in and my struggle to listen, focus and look interested. But overall it was good, we looked at a model of coming out as LGB, didn’t get far into it but it is really interesting, I look forward to looking through the rest and giving my input on how it is to come out as trans*

When I got home to my happy puppies, I chilled out for a bit and I chased up all the peeps I had rung on Monday, I now have permission for both dogs which is great, I went through my form the social services, so should hear from them by the end of next week and the receptionist at the doctors wasn’t sure if he’d seen my message so she flagged it up again and said to ring to check next week. So I felt really good for chasing it all up. After all that I had myself some dinner and as it was so nice and the pups had been in all afternoon we went on our usual walk along the water . It was really nice out and we were out for about 3 hours, just strolled along and kept sitting to rest and take everything in. Scrappy had fun swimming in the sea and foxy was saying hello to everyone. It was like a jellyfish graveyard along the water, so so many of the barrel jellyfish had all washed up. The walk didn’t end too well though, as we were heading back along the water and scrappy was running in and out of the sea I noticed that he wasn’t putting one of his feet on the floor, so I had a look at his paw and it wasn’t bleeding but it did look sore, he’d tore a bit of his pad off maybe on a sharp stone or something. He was shaking as he was cold but he was so wet and sandy I didn’t want to pick him up, so I wrapped him up in my hoodie and then picked him up and carried him all the way home, which isn’t really that far but it felt MILES carrying a 6kg pup lol. He was really good though and sat really still all snuggled up like a lil baby, so so sweet and miss foxy was so great she walked all the way home without a lead as I couldn’t carry him and walk her, even across the roads she did so well. She’s such a good girl off the lead 🙂

After we had got home I gave scrappy a shower to warm him and up wash all the sand off him and I put a lil bandage over his lil paw just to keep is dry and clean. I took my meds and we all went to bed, I was shattered after all that fresh air. I think I was probably asleep but just gone 11 pm.

Again I was up at 7 am, so I got up and let scrappy on the balcony to pee. I had a drink and some breakfast and snuggled back up on the sofa for a nap until about 10 am. I was still really tired so I don’t know why I can’t stay asleep at the moment, it’s so frustrating.

But once I got going I felt less fatigued, got myself showered and dressed and had something else to eat. Took the crazy pups across the road for a 20 mins run, scrappy’s bandage came off while he was out but he wasn’t holding it up so it must feel less sore now.

I got myself ready to go meet M who was taking me to the Weymouth group. The car trip as always was fun and we had a good chat about things 🙂

The group itself was really good, I was actually asked by a member if I was a counsellor as he said by the way I talk it sounds like I am, which is pretty cool 🙂 I have done basic counselling skills courses and other such related stuff. I was pretty chuffed with that comment though, I must be doing something right. I really hope that my being at the group and talking to them that I help at least one person with something.

The car trip back was hilarious too, we get on so so well 🙂

Got home at 6 pm to my very happy pups, I took them straight across the road for a run about as it looked like it was going to rain and it did lol! So we spent about half hour over there.

Just been trying to stay awake the rest of the evening, I’ve just wanted to fall asleep but that definitely wouldn’t help with the restless sleeping. So I’ve been on the laptop trying to keep distracted.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I’m going over with the pups to see L in the afternoon and in the evening we’re going to take Harvey to see Jurassic world in 3D 🙂 it should be good fun. So yeah that should be a really good day, I have nothing planned for Sunday but I feel that maybe a Lego day! Well after I’ve found space to display them.

The rain has settled a lot now so I’m going to post this, take my meds and do my metoject (methotrexate injection) take pups for a wee and get to bed.

Peace out