Week 1 on T – Feeling awesome

A week ago today I had my first shot of testosterone, it still hasn’t entirely sunk in yet I don’t think. It will in time as I start noticing changes I should imagine. I almost feel like I’m finally growing up, its hard to explain but now I am going to go through to correct puberty I feel like I’m growing up. I definitely feel different even after 1 jab, a lot of that is probably psychological but things feel like they are falling into place and I’m feeling a bit more comfortable in myself. I know the journey ahead is long and difficult so I’m going to hold on to how I feel for as long as I can and in the dark times I’ll try and remember that things weren’t always so dark.

My next shot is 19th September, I have to see the nurse again but this time I’ll actually be taught how to do it myself which is exciting and also a little bit scary. I’m happier to be able to inject myself as it gives me a bit more independence and its one less doctors appointment. Also if I do it myself that means that I’m not taking up nurses appointments unnecessarily.

I’ve just downloaded a free video editing software, so I can document my transition. I want to do voice comparisons and selfie picture comparison videos. I’ll have a play around on that tomorrow, as I want to try and get to sleep before 1 am tonight and I’m going to write another blog after this. Tomorrow its meant to be raining all day and I have no other plans then weighing in at slimming world, so I’m going to have a look at this new software then.

For those who maybe reading this who are either transgender or questioning your gender identity and everyone in between, stay strong, always live your truth, be proud of you who are because you are amazing, never feel like you have to fit in with all the rest. Just be you because there is only one you that will ever be, so be the best truest version of yourself that you can. Don’t forget that someone out there loves you for who you are

IMG_2837 week 1 on T

Peace out




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