Transition update – Week 10 on T

10 week on T today! woohoo! two weeks until my 4th T shot, so exciting. Had my haircut today so feeling pretty fresh, I just feel absolutely wiped out and a tad snotty today. I so hope I don’t have a cold or anything but I totally feel like I might…urgh lol.

Its Halloween today! and on Saturday I had a party with my bro, my sister in law and my two lil nephews, my best friend and her boys and my other best friend. It was good fun, especially the apple bobbing, which was so funny.

The clocks went back this weekend so that always messes me up but on the flip side the weather has suddenly got loads cooler, FINALLY! so that’s good. I like the cooler weather.

My facial hair is coming along nicely getting all fuzzy now. I think it helps having dark hair. I am considering having my first shave but I’m apprehensive about it, not the shaving it self but I don’t wanna draw attention to myself, I don’t like being seen when I’m out and about on my own. I don’t potentially want people thinking I’m a freak or whatever cuz I’m the “girl” that shaves… that’s my only concern. I just need to get over that fear. It will happen at some point, its just a case of when.

I’ve not noticed any different changes then I’ve already had over the last few weeks, well I’m way more horny then usual.. which is weird cuz when I came out as trans my sex drive was like dead and now its revving up again! so yeah that’s urm interesting lol!

I will leave it on that note…..

This weeks pics are below


Week 10 on T

Face hair week 10 on T

^ my facial fuzz is coming along nicely


Peace out


Transition update – Week 9 on T

So its week 9 on T and in this post I’m gonna post this weeks picture and video blog as I don’t feel I have much to say really this week, mainly because my mood is pretty low today.

I’m not even sure where to start right now, I can’t really concentrate on anything, I don’t really want to do anything, I just wanna lay down and zone out. Plus there’s a police helicopter that’s been circling around for ages, so irritating.

I think the honeymoon period of being on T is over, which is fine I suppose its inevitable really, which is maybe why I feel low, but it could be the change in seasons too. It could be just my bipolar acting up, its hard to tell what exactly is the cause of the low but whatever.

Meh, I can’t even think right now so I’m going sign off. Just waiting for my video to upload.

Week 9 on T


Peace out


Transition update – Week 8 on T

Week 8 on T and I did my 3rd shot today solo, it was pretty exciting and went really well. I was a little nervous about doing it but I just got on with and it was pretty easy, a tad fiddly but apart from that all went well.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next lot of changes from this injection.

As I’ve been sat here this evening, I’ve been looking up for a small desk and chair for my laptop, as sitting on my sofa trying to type isn’t very comfortable. So after I’ve finished this I’m going to measure up the little space that I have in mind, I may have to move a few bits around but that’s cool. I really need a proper little desk if I am going to write more often I need to be relatively comfortable. I’m hoping I can go pick it up tomorrow after slimming world.

Anyway not much really to say this week transition wise, I haven’t noticed anything new. Still feeling an internal peace which is cool.

Apart from my T shot today, I haven’t really done anything. I woke up feeling dizzy, absolutely exhausted and in so much pain. I dragged myself to the dentist to get 2 fillings done, I dragged myself home and just slumped onto the sofa and slept for a bit. I felt so much better afterwards, still have a weird groggy feeling today though. Can’t wait to get to bed

Week 8 on T

That’s all for now,

Peace out


Transition update – Week 7 on T video blog

Feeling pretty good this week, I ramble on a lot in this video about life and different things. Some of which I mentioned in my previous blog.


Peace out


Transition update – Week 7 on T

Well its a week before my 3rd testosterone injection, I can’t believe its come around so quickly, I’ve barely caught up with myself yet. The next injection I will be doing solo, so pretty nervous but excited for next week.

Anyway back to this week, so I’ve just about got over the chest infection I had, although last night I didn’t have much sleep. I was up most of the night in so much pain, to the point I had to get up and take some pain killers. I’ve not had to do that for a long long time, despite that though I’m feeling pretty good within myself.

Because of the painsomnia last night it took a while to get going this morning, but I knew I couldn’t just stay in all day again. I needed to get out and wanted to get out and do something to make myself feel good. So I took the dogs to the beach for an hour and I took some great videos pictures. It felt good to just be out there in the cold sea air, on my own, barely anyone around. It felt nice to just be away from everything and just be in the moment with the dogs, doing what I love at a place that I love.

After the beach I had my flu shot done, because I’m as well as I’m ever going to get, my arm is still achy now. Did a bit of food shopping and paid some rent, got some electric. That also felt good to get stuff done that needed to be done, self care isn’t always buying yourself something, self care is also paying rent, getting food shopping etc.

After all that jazz, I felt pretty good and felt confident so I went on a mass cull on all my social media’s, which took a while to do but, wow did it feel so good. I’ve decided that in order to move on I need to cut things/people/groups out of my life especially if I am no longer benefiting from. That may sound a tad selfish but I need to look after myself and my needs in order for me to be of better service to others. Its good to get rid of dead weight every now and again and it feels really good. I’ll be doing the same thing with my possessions, as I have a habit of holding onto things that are no longer useful. I think as humans we desperately cling to anything and anyone in order to feel safe, but often that means you are stuck at that point and don’t move forward. So I feel this is a necessary step for me to take in order to move my life forward into the next phase.

I would say my mood is pretty good, I feel happy in myself, I feel peaceful, settled and just good. I know I am walking and living my truth and it feels awesome.

I’ve noticed that the hairs on the trunk of my body are getting darker, so from my chest down to the pubes, that’s the only new changes. Been finding more dark hairs on my chin, my upper and lower lip, under my nose. So that’s all really cool and most days I feel like I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, which means my voice is trying to break still. But its all good, still closely examining my face several times a day lol, popping spots, checking for new hairs on my face. Happy with the medical transition so far and just excited for the future.

That’s it really this week, feeling good, continuing to move myself and my life forward.

Here’s this weeks picture

Week 7 on T

Peace out


Transition update – Week 6 video blog

As I said in my previous post I did’t get a chance to do a week 5 update as I was rushed of my feet with kids and dogs and being ill… well I’m still ill but starting to feel a little better- ish

So here’s week 6 video with a little bit of everything.

Peace out


Transition update – Week 6 on T

I missed updating on week 5 as I just didn’t have the time, as I mentioned in my last post I was at my friends place looking after her two boys and her dog, along with my two dogs.

I thought I would have time but looking after kids is hard work, there’s school runs, cooking, tidying up, homework…urgh homework! etc and on top of that they gave me their germs, it started off with a cold but now I’m on antibiotics for a chest infection.

The change I started noticing last week was dark hairs growing on my chin, which is pretty cool. I’ve tried to take a picture of it but haven’t been able to get the right angle or lighting. I already have a pretty dark moustache area, I always have done and I used to get bullied a lot about it at school but I have noticed that my moustache area has got darker and the hairs are coming further down which is all cool by me.

I don’t think I’ve ever examined my face as much as I have since starting testosterone. I’m constantly looking at myself, looking at and squeezing spots that are all over my forehead, constantly checking for hair in the beard area. It’s funny because I’m not a huge fan of looking at myself in the mirror but now I’ve just been scrutinising ever inch of my face, several times a day.

Week 6 – I’ve not noticed any new changes, its hard to notice if my voice has changed much because of my chest infection and I just sound like I’m ill.

Since starting T my mood has been pretty good, I’ve had a few up and down days but nothing major. Today my mood has been pretty shitty, I think I woke up feeling in a bit of a funk but the days events just haven’t helped how I’ve been feeling at all. I just tried to ignore how I’ve felt and just carried on but as the day went on and things irritated me. The more things irritated me the more I’ve felt really fucking frustrated and angry, yeah I get moments when I’m angry and frustrated but I usually get over it. Today I just feel low and irritable and I can’t seem to get out of it. I’m notching it up to the testosterone and its ok to feel low and irritable and after all I have a chest infection so that is probably impacting on my mood as well. I’m feeling more tired, more achy and just feel ill right now, I just need to look after myself and do things that are good for me, like resting, napping, meditating, reading, being outside in nature with the dogs, eating well, the usual self care stuff.

Anyway below is a pic of last week and this week

Week 5 on T

^ Week 5 on T

Week 6 on T

^ Week 6 on T

Peace out