Social interactions

During lockdown first and second one, I was pretty isolated and it wasn’t until recently that I realised that a lot of my social interactions come from things like talking to people out dog walking, talking to people while out shopping, talking to people when taking my dogs to the vets and all that was taken away this year, even talking to other dog owners especially at the start of lockdown.

The dogs had the vets this week and we were made to stand outside in the cold, everyone else were sitting in their cars but I don’t drive and then I couldn’t go in with them. This made me super angry and not because I couldn’t go in with because I knew they would be fine but it was the fact that my social interaction was completely taken away from me, I’ve gone months without seeing a single soul and can do that even before this virus situation and for me that small social interaction is so important and can make a huge difference to how I feel that day.

Unless you’ve suffered with chronic isolation, I think its maybe hard to understand why it was such a hit to me. But yeah it made me feel so sad that something I was looking forward to was taken away from me, I really needed that social interaction, no matter how brief it may have been. Plus it’s always really nice to be told your dogs are happy and healthy and your doing a great job, but I didn’t get anything. It was all so cold, distant and not particularly friendly, which they usually are.

So this week I decided to go into a few shops in town, just to be around humans and not hold up on my own, talked to a few people in the shops. It was also helpful to help me get through this agoraphobia that’s developed over lockdown.

Lockdown has shown me how much I take for granted, even down to the smallest things. I didn’t even really realise how important these small interactions were to me, until I couldn’t do them anymore. But hopefully in the next few months things will slowly start getting better.

Peace out


2 thoughts on “Social interactions

  1. Zak, try to go in the shops now and then. I have for quite a while. I made a promise to myself that I would hold my breath, turn around, and walk out if anyone looked sick. I was somewhat amazed that I have not run into anyone out in public that looked sick. I guess they are staying home. I bought face shields on eBay to help me go out. Until last month I was having to do daytime oxygen and you can’t wear a mask with that. I still breathe better without the mask although I wear one when I need to.
    What I want you to know is that going to those stores helps me not feel so isolated. I hope that it helps you too. Go buy 1 thing while in store. Anything. Gum. Food. Magazine. It will help those businesses, especially small stores and you’ll find them welcoming you when you return.
    Take care,

    1. Hey thank you for your comment, I’ve been getting out and about a bit more which is good ☺️ just going to keep pushing through

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