ME :)


Well I’m Batman aka Zak.

I am obsessed with Tank girl and Batman, they are my favourite comics and films. Reading their comics just take me to a different place where I can be anything! There my mind is limitless!

I mainly blog about how I am doing day to day. Like everyone in the world, I have my daily struggles. But my struggles are a bit different from most. I have a rare health condition called Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis…. I will explain further down how it effects me. I also have bipolar, Hyper mobility and gender dysphoria.

So what is Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis I hear you say! Well for starters I call it GPA for short. To my knowledge it does not run in the family and the real cause of the condition is not known. It is a auto immune/ vasculitis condition. It effects me in many ways. It has collapsed the bridge of my nose, my nostrils are also collapsing, so yes my nose will have to eventually be rebuilt.  I have had to have my wind pipe surgically widened a few times. My lungs have subglotic webbing, so I get out of breath real easy. All my joints are hyper mobile, which causes a lot of pain. I have the start of arthritis in my joints as a result of the hyper mobility. I get tired easily and often have a nap in the afternoon. I get ill often and for longer then most, it usually ends up having to take anti biotic’s just to get rid of a cold.

Its not easy to live with this chronic illness, especially as I live alone. Being diagnosed at such a young causes a lot of internal anger about my situation. But I deal with it the best I can and that’s all I can do.

I did DBT and worked extremely hard and now I only have BPD traits, which is great. My life is far less chaotic and I am in control and I like it, although sometimes I do miss my chaotic life but I wouldn’t want to be like it again.

My physical health and mental health effect each other, so it does make both harder to deal with. I believe very much in self care and its importance in keeping me well, also mindfulness as well is very important to me, it helps keep my grounded.

I have recently been looking into being my true self and my true self is a guy, I’m genetically female but have a male brain. So I am just on a journey to get a body to match, this means hormones and surgery which is all very exciting πŸ™‚

I have 2 beautiful dogs and 2 beautiful cats who are my absolute world and I would be lost without them.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.

1/6/1960 – 30/10/11 ❀ you dad x

Peace out


4 thoughts on “ME :)

  1. Hey I just read this and I think you are very brave and very awesome. I have read about hyper mobility before and it sounds so painful. Keep up the good fight.

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