Earth is waking up

We are heading towards spring and I couldn’t be happier, I’ve really struggled this winter with the darkness and near constant rain that we’ve had this winter.

The nights are slowly starting to get lighter again a bit later each day, the weather seems to be settling down too, although we have a storm heading our way this weekend.

I feel like I’m very slowly emerging out of my cocoon, just like the flowers which are slowly starting to bloom.

Still having days where things feel so intense and I just can’t face the outside world but I’m still pushing myself to get out at least a few times a week. I can’t hibernate forever lol!

Tuesday was a beautiful day and after a few days of feeling groggy and struggling with my chronic pain and fatigue, I woke up on Tuesday feeling a bit more human and the sun was shining, so I decided to take the dogs out for a walk and I’m glad I did.

It was so beautiful, lots of snowdrops and other gorgeous flowers blooming away and it was fairly quiet as well, we didn’t see many people out, until we got closer to the beach.

It was so peaceful and relaxing, it was definitely needed. The dogs had fun running around and I got some great pictures of everything. I love looking at life through the lens, finding beauty in everything I see.

I hope you enjoy my pictures,

I love being outside with my dogs, I feel so at peace. It seems to be the only place where my mind is fairly quiet. I feel like I can breathe when I’m out in nature, I feel at home.

Peace out


Still trying – Self care

At the weekend I was feeling really agitated, indecisive and I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

I think I was stressing about not doing enough…by that I’m not sure what. But I think I felt like I HAD to be doing something productive. But really all that pressure I was putting on myself was just stressing me out and making me feel worse then I already did.

So after much stressing and panicking that I wasn’t doing ‘enough’ (whatever enough means) I decided to go to the shop to get some food, to make sure I was eating, I got some fruit but mainly packet stuff that’s quick and easy to eat without much hassle. I then decided to find something to watch on Netflix and that relaxing with my animals for the rest of the day and making sure I ate was more then enough.

That simple change in my perspective changed everything and has actually made this week so much easier. The agitation and stress disappeared and I felt much more relaxed and to my surprise I was able to make decisions without feeling so stressed and felt a bit more motivated.

On the Sunday I took Scrappy to the beach, the weather was really nice so we spent most of the afternoon there, we walked, sat and had snacks, talked with other dog walkers. It was such a nice day and very much needed.

This week has been fairly busy, I’ve done two shifts at the cat cafe, I’ve meet up with two friends and I’ve had a physio appointment.

Today I have done the housework and laundry, I’ve taken the dogs out and then I have rested and listened to podcasts. I’m so exhausted from everything I’ve done this week, I decided it was best to just rest my body and my mind.

I’ve also spent some time sorting through my appointments for the next few months of which I seem to have more then I usually do lol! But I at least know where I’ve got to be and when.

I’ve not had the idiot box on today, only to play music on YouTube while I was doing the housework. It’s been quite nice just to listen to different podcasts, instead of starting at the TV.

That small change in how I feel about relaxing and doing nothing, has really helped me this week. I know I deserve to relax and I should be relaxing, I shouldn’t be pushing my body and I am worthy of self care.

Feeling worthy is so important and something I really struggle with. I often feeling like I am not worthy of anything! I’m working on it and it comes and goes but I’m still trying.

Self care is super important and because I’ve been depressed, I haven’t been looking after myself as well as I deserve. I’m starting again, which is fine, no matter how many times, I stop, start, fall down, I will always get back up and keep trying.

Peace out


Transition update – Week 37 on T

I’ve had a pretty good week this week, despite money still being tight and the uncertainty of being able to get through financially, I’m feeling fairly calm and quite positive.

The only changes really this week have been my voice is continuing to change which is really cool and still getting hairy everywhere. Tops of my thighs the hair is getting longer and darker and same with my chest and stomach. I’m fairly happy with my transition so far, my next testosterone injection is next Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to that as always.

I had a really good bank holiday weekend, I went to the beach with a friend where I was really brave. I spent the whole time sat in the vest top, binder and my boxers, because it was so hot I had to pretty much strip off, but I felt really confident and comfortable. No one said anything, no one was staring at me. It felt good to just be able to be myself and be comfortable sat out in the sun and enjoying it, rather then feeling anxious and uncomfortable.

So I’m super proud of myself for just accepting my body as it is and being able to just sit in my vest and boxers and being totally comfortable. Its definitely not something I would have done last summer.

I’ve made these steps by just doing them and not thinking to much about it. But I haven’t pushed myself, I’ve done these things like shaving, wearing my binder, wearing a vest top because they felt right and I felt good about it. I’ve not pushed myself at all, which is why I’ve been able to do these things with less stress and anxiety. Its also important to acknowledge these big steps and reward yourself and congratulate yourself. Its important to recognise the positive steps forward, so you have something to look back on when you’re struggling and when the gender dysphoria is bad.

It is possible to feel good about yourself and have gender dysphoria, there is hope!

Week 37 on T

^ This weeks picture

^ This weeks video

Peace out


Tired and achy but feeling happy

Right now I’m too tired to write but I am too tired to move and do anything else… I’m just glad I got through another stressful week with minimal damage.

I’m still not feeling any better then I felt on Thursday, still exhausted, achy, snotty and chesty. I can’t wait to see the nurse tomorrow and get some antibiotics for a bit of relief.

Today my arm and hand that I fractured last year has been so achy today, my thumb is the worst it proper hurts. May need to wear the splint for a bit as a bit of support. But I’ll talk to the nurse about it tomorrow.

Friday I spent relaxing and looking after my needs, which I totally needed. I took the pups out for a walk, it was windy and raining but it was actually quite nice. Not one single person was down where we walked, felt like the only person in the world. Loved feeling the wind and rain on my face, made me feel alive. The pups needed a good run around as they’d not been out since last weekend. After I just spent some time watching TV and then played on the PS3 until dinner. I had gammon for dinner with dumplings and veg, it was so nice and even though my appetite is better I’ve not put on any weight, so I’m well happy with that, I’m still 8st 13lbs.

Saturday L and boo came over and spent the day and mine. It was a good day, me and boo played with trains and cars. We did try and go for a walk but it was so so windy down there and boo was tired so we didn’t go far. Boo fell asleep before we got home, so L and I watched Legend and I made more cheese biscuits mmmmmmm 🙂

After they left I had a little sleep because I was tired and in pain. I made myself dinner and played on the PS3 for about 4 hours, which I love so much.

Today I struggled to get going, I was so tired and felt rough. Still wanted to go out and do something though, hate sitting about even when I do feel ill.

My friend F picked up me and the pups and we went to the beach for a walk. Again it was really windy but at least it was dry and the pups had great fun running around going all crazy.

F and Benny came back to mine for a bit, which was nice. I changed into my joggy bottoms and sat and the floor and Benny kept rubbing himself all over me lol, he’s so sweet and didn’t leave my side bless him.

After they left I chilled out for a bit and eventually I just couldn’t stay awake any longer and fell asleep for about a hour. Cooked myself another nice dinner again tonight, so chuffed that I got my eating back on track quite quickly.

How do I feel right now? Like previous posts, I feel tired, achy and not too well. But my mood has improved and I feel happier then I have done this week. That’s down to seeing my friends, taking the pups out, eating properly, resting and sleeping, oh and playing my games on the PS3 🙂

It’s been a hell of a few weeks and it’s totally mashed my head up, loads of things have been churned up by this benefits process and my continuing counselling etc. But as usual with the help of my friends I’ve managed to pick myself and carry on. Sometimes I wonder how/why I carry on but I do, life is precious and some people don’t have the choice of living their life. But I do and I choose to carry on and live it as best as I can.

 This is how I feel

 Scrappy at Baiter on Friday

 A wind swept Foxy

 Pups chasing each other

 Boo didn’t like the wind

 Playing with trains 🙂

 Muscle boys!

 Selfie 🙂

 Aw selfie ❤

 Pups down the beach

 Another wind swept Foxy running on the beach

 Scrappy loving the beach

 I love the beach in the winter.

Peace out


Some pictures of the past 2 weeks

IMAG7371 IMAG7376 IMAG7379  Cool Lego


IMAG7386 IMAG7388 Me and my gorgeous babies

IMAG7399Chilling in bed with my furkids

IMAG7400 My new shower stool, so helpful, love it.

IMAG7402 Snuggles with Harley

IMAG7417 IMAG7420 More cool Lego 🙂

IMAG7430 Foxy and Scrappy having snuggles

IMAG7435 Happy foxy girl in bed 🙂

IMAG7442New Adventure time t-shirt, totally rocking it!

IMAG7450 L and the boys at the beach in Hamworthy

IMAG7452 IMAG7454 My pups love the beach

IMAG7456 My sand castles (before scrappy knocked them all down lol)

IMAG7460 Albert chowing down on his dinner

IMAG7463 Arnie keeping warm after a bath in foxy’s hoodie, he’s so cute

IMAG7469 My very tired baby girl

IMAG7473 Ablert in my shoes lol

IMAG7482 Messy boys had fun painting

IMAG7491 IMAG7495 Boys enjoying their roast that I cooked us all

IMAG7537 Rocking my new hoodie 🙂 feeling pretty fly

IMAG7543 Someone got tired so hitched a ride in my backpack lol

IMAG7552 IMAG7554 IMAG7555  Some mandala’s I’ve doneIMAG7556 My babies being too cute

IMAG7560 Cool Lego Robot! Also made into a car and space shuttle

IMAG7575 Me with my new walking stick


IMAG7607 Penguins 🙂

IMAG7613 Loved this dude!

IMAG7616 Harvey looking at the turtles

IMAG7621 So beautiful

IMAG7624 The best picture I could get of them both lol 🙂

IMAG7634 Boo telling me all about the sharks above us 🙂

IMAG7681 Happy Leo enjoying his time with his uncle Dyll

IMAG7692 My new adult colouring book

IMAG7703 Cool new crystals

IMAG7704 IMAG7705 IMAG7707 Doing some colouring in, in bed surrounded by my babies 🙂

IMAG7709 A little bit of a doodle

IMAG7710 IMAG7711  Some more mandala’s I’ve done

IMAG7716 Someone looks like she’s up to mischief lol

IMAG7717 The start of my first full A4 piece

IMAG7731 Harvey at the park on our boys day

IMAG7739 Another little picture I did, as I got stuck on my bigger picture

IMAG7741 Lego space shuttle

IMAG7752 Bedtime for my gorgeous babies

IMAG7762 Mine and L’s tattoos lol 😀 love it so so much

IMAG7772 Harley loves her little house

IMAG7782 Foxy girl says Hi 🙂

IMAG7785 Finished picture 🙂 love this one.

IMAG7792  Finished 🙂 my first full A4 picture, took 5 days to complete, loved this one too.

IMAG7793 Good morning scrappy doodles

IMAG7794 Morning snuggles with Harley

IMAG7797 But DADDDD its not too early to start playing fetch! PLEASE throw my turtle, look how cute I am!

IMAG7798 Harley looking rather evil lol

IMAG7801 Copying daddy stretching out on the sofa

IMAG7805 Pups heading to the park together 🙂

IMAG7809 Haha boo boo trying so hard to break his stick! had sound effects and everything lol

IMAG7814 Boo boo giving Foxy girl gentle kisses

IMAG7817 Harvey playing with the pups

IMAG7823 Foxy girl watching tv 🙂

IMAG7827 Sunday Selfie of this handsome boy lol

IMAG7828 She’s sooo tired she fell asleep with her butt in the air lol

IMAG7832 Arnie and Foxy having snuggles

IMAG7833 Feeding time at the zoo lol

IMAG7837 IMAG7838 Snuggles with my babies

IMAG7842 Marley always sits in front of me and just stares lol

IMAG7846 My gorgeous Harley Quinn looking at herself in my phones camera lol

Well that’s just a peek of my life in pictures over the last few weeks 🙂 it’s been busy but fun. All my passion and love are in these pictures ❤

Peace out


Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun 🙂 I’ll just do a quick update.

Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same two members that I was pissed off with last week. I wasn’t impressed with their behaviour but it’s going to be dealt with. After group I met L and the boys and we came back to mine.

We got in and I had my dinner straight away because I was so hungry lol! We all went out for a walk on my usual route by the water, L and the boys had some dinner while we were out.

After our walk Albert had a bath and went to bed. I sat and played Lego with Harvey and let him stay up to watch the fireworks with us. L and I didn’t go to bed much longer after him lol.

Fri – In the morning we had a nice cooked breakfast at Asda and after I gave us all buzz cuts, me and the boys had a 1 all over and L and a 4 all over 🙂 hehe. We then got ready and headed to Hamworthy park for the afternoon. My brother and Leo joined us for a bit too. We played on the beach and in the sea, me and Boo made sand castles and played football. Harvey had fun playing in the park with his boomerang and L had fun chilling and playing in the sea too. It was a great afternoon 🙂

After the park I took Harvey to the shop with me to get us some dinner, then came back and fed us all. Lou bathed Albert and the pups while I was at the shop, so they were all nice and clean. Boys both went to bed a bit earlier then last night so we could have some proper adult chill time. We were both so tired we just ended up watching tv instead of a film.

Sat – I am struggling to remember what we did… We just had a chilled out day because me and L were shattered. I had a nap in the morning, we took the pups across the road for a run and the boys played football. Harvey and I spent ages playing with my Lego while boo had an afternoon nap. I made me and the boy’s dinner and then we all went out for a walk along the water with the pups. Put boo to bed when we got in and Harvey went not long after. L had her dinner and we watched a really good film called StoneHearst Asylum, great cast and great film.

Sun – Caught right up now 🙂 WOW today has been busy but it’s been so much fun. I printed out some templates to make cubes with for Harvey. I then set up lots of paints out on the balcony, neither of the boys really liked it lol. But I had so much fun and was covered head to toe in paint lol. Me and Albert played with water after while L was cleaning up a bit. Had a shower with boo to get us both nice and clean. The boys then chowed down on some lunch before we took the pups out for a run across the road. Me and the boys collected some leaves, sticks, flowers and stuff to do some arts and crafts with tomorrow. Boo went straight down for a nap for a few hours, lil man was so so so tired lol, even had to wake him up for dinner, bless him. L made some cakes, Harvey and I watched a film and coloured in the templates for the cubes, although he didn’t have as much fun as I did lol. L joined us and coloured in a mandala. It was great fun all just sat chilling out 🙂

I dished us up our nice roast dinner and everyone gobbled it all up 🙂 and even had room for  cakes after.

Went for a walk after dinner and I had fun flying my kite 🙂 I did manage to get it stuck in a tree lol but got it back out again without having to climb this big ass tree and possibly breaking some bones! haha.

Boo went straight to bed when we got in but the lil monkey didn’t go straight to sleep. Harvey had a shower and he played with his cubes while I was putting together the last few. Then it was off to bed with him. L and I have just been relaxing this evening, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which she’s not seen before.

Everyone is in bed now, I just need to finish this off before I can take the pups for a wee and get some sleep myself.

L and the boys are off home tomorrow, the place will be quiet again, which is nice but I’ll miss them. Got my trans group social tomorrow night so looking forward to that.

Well I better finish up, this tired boy needs his beauty sleep lol! I’ll post some pictures of my week tomorrow, I’m too tired, hot and achy to do it now.

Peace out


Back on track :)

Sat here on a Saturday night feeling better then I did when I last posted on Thursday. My shoulder is really achy though and it’s uncomfortable.

Friday was just a miserable day all around, the weather was horrible! It rained and was grey all day long it looked like a winters day, not a hint of summer at all. All the non sleeping at night caught up with me and I ended up sleeping away most of the day and I did feel better for it 🙂

I did manage to get the dogs out for a bit when the rain had finally stopped for a moment. It was nice to get out, I found £2 but I also had an argument with a complete prick of a dog owner! Basically he made me panic when my dogs ran up to him and his dog, thinking his dog didn’t like small dogs, anyway I ended up just losing my shit with him and just shouting at him because he really annoyed me and just got my back right up.

Anyway in the evening by about 9 pm I realised that I needed to centre myself, calm myself right down and just be back in the moment. So I sat down and did some mindfulness to help me get back on track, I coloured in a mandala 🙂 And wow did it make all the difference! I felt so much better. I even sat down and wrote out my plan for the next week and even set myself some goals, things that I’ve been meaning to do, like read stuff on my kindle, do some research on making youtube videos about transitioning etc. This boy is motivated and back on track 🙂 and you know what it is totally ok to have a melt down now and again, as long as I always get back on track I’ll be fine.

I didn’t get to bed until late but that was fine because, I would have woken up for the 1st time about that time lol.

Slept well-ish and only woke up once, which is an improvement on previous nights this week.

Just relaxed this morning, I was going to go out with L and the boys but L was ill again.

Eventually got myself showered and dressed and met a guy to sell some lego mini figures too and made myself £8. Went to the shop an got lunch and a drink to take out, I may have a little bit bought a Lego set! LOL! It was a 3in1 set so worth the money 🙂

Got myself and the pups ready and we went to Hamworthy park for the afternoon. We were out for about 3 hours, it was really nice just sitting by the sea with foxy, while scrappy was playing about in the water 🙂 did a bit of mindfulness while we were out, it’s such the perfect setting to be totally in the moment and at one with nature and the pups totally needed the exercise and we all needed the fresh air.

I was so shattered when I got in, but I still had the energy to sit and play with my new Lego, I sat and put all 3 of the creatures together that can be made from this one set, there was a dragon, scorpion and a snake. The dragon was definitely my favourite and I’ll be making him again 🙂

Put my dinner on and just tidied up a bit while it was cooking, I do the house work properly tomorrow. I ate most of my dinner and the pups finished it off for me.

Just been catching up online and relaxing, I made a group on fb called pets are the best therapy 🙂 and it’s going well so far, as it my group called mixed breed dogs.

I have no solid plans or any real idea of what to do tomorrow but I’ll just go with the flow and it will probably be pretty much the same as today which is fine with me.

That’s it for now but here’s a few pictures

 Scrappy wanting to play ball even though its bedtime

 Foxy girl happy for bedtime

 Harley saying hello this morning 🙂

 Barrel jellyfish washed up!

 Scrappy having a swim

 Scrappy waiting for my to skim more stones for him to chase

 Miss Foxy girl happy to be out in the sun 🙂


Peace out



Ah Friday 🙂 I definitely have the Friday feeling and I am totally ready to have a whole day to myself but I don’t get that until Sunday, so I am very much looking forward to that.

I again woke up a few times last night, it’s just so frustrating. Even though last night I had fresh be sheets, fresh pjs and I’d had a nice shower and always make sure I have good sleep hygiene. Like I was actually tired, the room was quiet and not too hot etc. But I woke up about 3 times, I’m going to give it another week and if I still can’t sleep properly I’ll see my gp to see if he can give me anything short term to help.

But I had a pretty chilled out morning, I left it until 11 am to get showered and dressed and take the pups out! It didn’t take me long. And I left a bit later then usual but I usually leave way earlier then I need too and end up waiting for 15-20 mins lol, I always misjudge how long it takes me to get the the coach station and it really isn’t that far and doesn’t take long at all to get too. I struggle with judging time and distance lol.

Anyway I got picked up and we went to Weymouth for another group social. Only the same person that came to the last group social was again the only person to turn up today. Which was fine but a real shame that no one else feels comfortable enough or not anxious to be out. But we had fun, M and I had lunch and a lovely place called the Hive and we went for a walk along the beach and went into a few shops. It was nice but by the end of it I needed to sit down. I love the car trips with M they are so funny and I love chatting, we have so much in common 🙂

She dropped me off at 5 pm and the pups and cats were SO happy to see me 🙂 I dumped my stuff in the lounge, took off my shorts and socks and just flopped onto my bed, all the animals followed me and I chilled out for a bit and then slept for 90 mins and then spent another 30 mins just chilling out before getting out of it. It was so nice totally needed that and I didn’t put my t.v on it was just quiet which was also nice.

I took the pups out across the road for a run for a bit, as Mr scrappy needed to burn off some energy and foxy needed to pee and poop. I would have liked to stay a bit longer but everything was feeling very achy and sore and I was so tired.

Just been relaxing this evening, playing with all my furkids 🙂

Got a nice day planned tomorrow with L, the boys and all the pups 🙂 so that will be really nice. And Sunday I plan to have a Dyllan day as I need a day just by myself.

Other then being tired and really sore and achy I’m doing really good 🙂

Peace out


Maybe a broken knuckle…DO’H

So I was so tired yesterday when I finally got in, I just went straight to bed.

Yesterday was funny, I met up with everyone from the Mindout group for a social, we sat down at the beach and then went for a walk and a few of us went on a big bouncy castle thing lol, it was so funny 🙂 and I got a friction burn on my elbow because I was trying to be super careful of my my finger. It was bloody tiring though jeez only lasted about 4 mins haha.

After the social I just had time to get home brush my teeth and pop up to the dentist to have my filling done and I was a really brave boy and didn’t make a fuss. I hate the feeling after when half my face felt all weird and my nose was so numb it felt like I couldn’t breathe and it took AGES to wear off too like 4 hours.

On my way home I popped in to see my friend at the shop to see her new baby. But I ended up staying there till 9 pm, I fed him twice, burped him and had lots of cuddles 🙂 he’s beautiful so tiny with loads of hair still. They’re all doing really well, it’s so sweet to see, so pleased for them. I’m going to get him a batman sleep suit or something hehe.

After I took the pups out and we bumped into their friend Loki so I ended up chatting for an hour, so when I got in I was so tired and we went straight to bed and just chilled out for a bit.

Again this morning I was up at half 7 am, so I had breakfast and cracked on with cleaning the flat and taking the dogs for a wee.

My bro dropped over Leo while he went out an did a few bits. I was trying to feed Leo but he wasn’t having any of it lol. When my bro came back we put Leo in my little paddling pool that I’d put up for when Albert and Harvey came round and I’d filled it with hot water so it would stay warm. Leo loved the pool splashing about lol, so sweet 🙂

L and the boys came round and she got me some lunch. L had cuddles with Leo 🙂 My bro left to take Leo to see some friends of the family.

We all chilled out this afternoon, the boys were in and out of the pool, Albert more then Harvey.

I think my knuckle on my ring finger is broken as it’s mega swollen and bruised, it looks just like the little finger just on the knuckle… I see the hand therapist tomorrow so I’ll get her to look at my x-rays again. I can’t move either of them :/ It doesn’t look good lol.

Late afternoon we took the pups across the road so them and the boys could have a run about and some fresh air.

I made pizza with Harvey for dinner just on pita bread he had fun bless him and he ate it all.

Boo had a bath and put him to bed first because he was getting grumpy. Harvey stayed up a bit later.

L and I watched a film…well started too until her meds kicked in an she needed to go to bed lol.

I’ve just been sat here chilling, but I’m off to bed after this.

I’m not going to group tomorrow as I’ve got the hospital, I need my bloods done and my appointment for my finger…joys! lol.

Over all I’m still doing really well 🙂 and my health isn’t doing too bad… apart from the bones breaking lol!

Peace out


Happy, peaceful boy

I am currently watching the Eurovision song contest, they are just reading out the points 🙂 A pretty good end to a really awesome day. I’m so tired and the pups have been asleep pretty much since the moment we got in the flopped onto the sofa lol.

Woke up early again this morning, had some breakfast and watched tv. My bro text me and we sorted out going out for the day, so I got myself and the pups ready so we could go meet them.

We headed out to Lyme Regis and to a beach where the dogs are allowed on the play. It’s such a nice beach, not a sandy though but I like looking at all the stones and rocks. Lil Leo put his lil feet in the sea for a dip 🙂 as did me and my bro and scrappy went for a swim. I loved just sitting listening to the sea, watching the pups play, looking at the rocks, ah just to be a peace with everything, nothing else mattered while I was sat by the water. I could have stayed there forever.

We had a drive into Charmouth and sat in the car while the pups ran about in the car park…well it was a big field with loads of space. Me and my bro went for a lil wander had a look at the beach and some shops. It’s such a beautiful place 🙂

Sadly like all good things we did have to head back home, not before we went around in a big circle going down all the small roads just for a look. Got home about 6:30 pm and I just flopped on the sofa with the pups, man we are so tired now. But it’s been a really great day, I’m so blessed to have and amazing brother ❤ sister in law and nephews ❤

Just been relaxing this evening, watching tv, catching up online. I did have some dinner tonight and some mango after which was nice. I gave scrappy a bath as he was covered in sand and stuff! now he’s all fluffy and smells lovely hehe, bless my lil man. Him and foxy are currently all snuggled up together, it’s so so sweet.

After the Eurovision results I will be heading to bed with my beautiful fur babies.

I’m feeling so good, so tired but really happy and peaceful ❤ may it continue ❤

Some pictures from today

Peace out