I’m back!

So I have a week to catch up with, wow now I have to remember lol.

Last Thursday at group we did a session on ADHD which was really great, I felt like the penny had dropped. I really think that I have the wrong diagnosis…so I am going to gather more information to take to my psych.

Fri – I just slept for most of it, chilling out watching tv. I spent the evening over at my brothers house which was cool.

Sat – I spent the day with my friend J-C We went out with the pups to see the Mini steam fair and walked the pups down my usual route. It was such a lovely day and I got quite burnt…again lol!

In the evening I met up with a friend and her friends as it was her bday, so we went for dinner at Nando’s. I didn’t eat much and I’m glad I didn’t because I had sun stroke and felt sick on the way home.. But it was really nice to see her and the other guys 🙂

Sun – I spent recovering from sun stroke…which sucked! But I did clean up a bit and get some bits sorted. So not an entirely wasted day.

Mon – I did nothing much but I did go to my trans group in the evening which I really enjoyed 🙂 I just spent time playing with all my babies in the day.

Tues – I hung out with my friend in the day time. I’ve not seen her for ages, so it was really nice to see her and boo boo 🙂 In the evening I did a list of everything I needed to do and I did my food shopping, I got some nice healthy stuff too 🙂

Wed – I was up mega early, I couldn’t really sleep. So I did all my cleaning and then some lol! I washed the balcony windows inside and out. I did rest for a little, I sorted out stuff that needed posting, posted it, went to the pet shop and got the pups some decent food, more natural without loads of cereal in it. I got in and crashed out as I physically couldn’t go on, so I slept for a few hours. I can’t remember what happened in the afternoon after I slept…But in the evening straight after I took my meds, I threw them ALL back up 😦 so I just took the queitapine again, a fresh one I may add lol not the one I just threw up lol! I took the pups for a wee and went to bed.

Today has been pants! I’ve spent most of my day fast asleep. I think I woke up about 8 am, snuggled on the sofa with the pups and fell asleep for a bit. I still didn’t feel so good I think it was a migraine. I did try to eat a bit, took some meds and I did try and get ready for group as I really wanted to go. But it just wasn’t happening 😦 so I ended up going to bed at 12pm and didn’t wake up again till gone 4 pm. I didn’t think I was going to sleep that long lol, just relaxed in bed for a bit. Had some cereal as I wasn’t really hungry. My head is feeling a bit better now, I’m still feeling tired. I just think I wayyyy over did it yesterday and used ALL my spoons by lunch time lol!

So this last week, wow. It’s been good for the most part 🙂

My head has been SO busy though but I’ve been writing lists so I make sure everything gets done. That’s been really helpful for me and I still have a few bits to do but all the important jobs have been done.

Mentally I’ve been doing ok but I think I’ve been experiencing some sort of disassociation as I keep losing time, not track of time, just time. For example I can be sitting on the sofa at 5 pm and the next time I look at the clock it’s 7 pm and I cannot account for those 2 hours. But I’m still sat on the sofa and I’ve not been asleep, it’s so weird and I can’t really describe it. I’ve had this before and it’s frustrating. But other then that I’ve been doing ok 🙂

No plans for tomorrow yet, although I really need my haircut so I may sort that out.

I think that’s all nothing much else to say, both the pups are doing really well, they had the vets on Tues for a check up and scrappy is now 6kg! the lil fatty lol. They are both going in a dog show on Mon, nothing serious just one that a local cafe is putting on, so should be good for a laugh 🙂 I’m going to put foxy in her rainbow top and scrappy is going to be wearing a tie hehe. I hope they win something 🙂

Well that’s it for now, I’m going to try and write more regularly again.

Peace out